Sonntag, 20. März 2011

Top Done - All I Need Is A Name

The top of the baby quilt is done - all I need for now is a name which will be appliqued on.

the sashing is a dark brown - the colors harmonize much more in real than they do on the pic - anyways, I like this quilt so far.

In the meantime I got my fabric, I ran out off, delivered. For now I can continue working on quilt "Texas" again until I will know the babys name.

Full Moon In March

In the beginning the moon had a yellow-orange touch

a bit later, a bit higher and a bit brighter

Freitag, 18. März 2011

Another Great New Swap

Have you checked Quiltinggallery lately??? You better do...... Michele is organizing another great swap

Quilted Fabric Basket Swap

So hopp over and check in..... registration will be closed April 4th.

Donnerstag, 17. März 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day

Kitty Post


we are best friends...... sometimes ;-)

and we can be nice to each other........ sometimes also - lol

Progress On The Baby Quilt

Last night I started working on the baby quilt for my doctors nurse. I got quite a bit done - have a look

I had lots of fun working on this baby quilt....... I´m looking forward for tonight and some more time in my sewing room and a good progress on this quilt.

Next Project

I still have a sewing break on the photo quilt because I ´m still waiting for the fabric I ran out of. In the meantime I started the next project a little baby quilt. My doctors nurse is having a baby and she asked me if I would make her a quilt. I said yes but this is the last quilt I accepted for this year (a toddler quilt is still waiting to get started).

Nicole, the nurse, told me the colors she would like to have and here are the fabrics I picked

Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Short Of Fabric

I´ve started sewing the picture-quilt - it turned out great and I love the pattern I picked.........but I run out of fabric..... grrrr again. I havent ordered it or better said I couldnt find it in my bills I kept..... this means I bought it in a store during a vacation. Ok 1 yrd of fabric isnt enough lately so I will buy at least 1.5 yrd on my next shopping tour. After searching the net I found a store with Michael Miller Krystal fabric in grey...... yeah me thats what I was looking for and the good thing is - its a german store.... this means a real short delivery time. Normally it goes quite fast with delivery from the US but the last couple orders got stucked in customs forever.

Thats the middle part - I will add one more row at the top and bottom, I need this quilt a bit bigger than it is right now.

In the meantime until my ordered fabric arrives I will start a new project - more about it tomorrow.

Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Next Project "Texas"

This are the fabrics for my next project - looking forward to work on this one....... oh and the pics from the post before will be used in here.

Pics On Fabric

I´ve tried some different things and wasnt really happy with the results or they way to get them. I´ve tried to print pictures on fabrics sheets - the sheets are affordable but they soak up quite some ink. So, when I have to print more and bigger pictures I use up some cartridges... or the testprint looks great and the print on the fabric sheet gets screwed up grrrrrrrrrr. Or I scanned a pic, it looked ok on the screen but the print was horrible. Ok ..... so next project next pic on fabric......I dont use the printer very often anymore.... so I wont buy the ink for a few pics and the rest of it will dry out. So I went to the copy-shop, but what I got from there isnt what I have expected.... it´s like an iron on and they could come off.

Here I´m again with a project with pictures........ if I use them for a quilt I want quality.......... so I started searching again and I found this german company and this is what I got

the print is real good quality, its washable, colorfast and uv-resistence - the fabric is a bit thicker than cotton but the cutted edges fray easily so I zig-zaged them. Each pic is approx 6.5 - 7" and I´m very happy them. 

My Win From FNSI

Here it is - my price I have won at the FNSI - mailed out from Heidi. I´m always excited when I open my mailbox and find some squishy envelopes or little packages in there. I run upstairs to open my package but its not that easy when you have two little nosey cats ;-)

Moritz is checking if there is something for him in the package also

Moritz found his "goodie"........ the huuuuge box - lol

now....... have a look......I was absolutly speechless, besides the prize Heidi added some extra goodies for mailing them out late. Heidi a big THANK YOU that was so generous of you and still dont know what to say