Montag, 30. November 2009

Traveling Home Was The Pure Chaos

Here is just the short version of it

Cancelled (flight)
Delayed (flight)
Cancelled (train)
Delayed (train)
Missed Connection (train)
Got home way to late!!!

Freitag, 27. November 2009

Little Treasures

On one of our trips to Austin Nicole, Soren and I stopped at IKEA looking for a desk for Chiara. They had alot of neat desks but nothing with character and this was what Nicole was looking for. On they way back we passed a cute little village named Florence and at the corner antique store "Cowboys & Angels" I saw a little desk outside. I told Nicole there is a little desk but we have already passed it. No problem 4x right turn and we were at the store again. This desk had character but would it fit in the trunk - of course it fit in perfectly - a sign that it needs to be Chiaras new desk.

couple days later, when the girls went back to school Nicole and I started to clean and sandpapering it with the help of a busy little man

once in a while Soren took a break to pay your work with hugs and flowers

and after a few days of work Chiaras desk was finished - better looking and more character as any desks at IKEA

...... Chiara loves her new desk

Hiking Trail And Sunset

At my last Sunday here we took of to Chalk Ridge Hiking Trail - a little place where you are allowed to walk and no sign "Private Property". Me as an outdoor person have enjoyed this little trail and of course you always find things you can take pictures off.

quite adventures - should I try ???

Well - if I would´ve found a tree like this in Germany and wouldn´t have kids with me - yeah I would´ve walked over this tree

I love this wooden bridge

I think the kids had their fun - running around, throwing rocks, try to catch a fishes and petting them, playing at the waters edge

and me still thinking about if I should´ve walked over the tree!

on the way back home we stopped at Stillhouse Hollow Lake - we had such a great view from there......

..... and a great sunset

..... we also had company *lol*

Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving To You All!!!

Blora And Some Smores

Some what??? Smores - I havent known what that is until Nicole told me.

Friday afternoon we packed up some food, drinks, plates, lighter, charcoal and of course the kids and drove to Blora. Its a lake where you can hang out, camping, let the kids play, BBQing, go for swimming in the summertime..... aso. Weather was ok - well good enough for us to BBQ out there - btw we where the only ones as far as we could see.......

........ no actually we had company... Mr. Grashopper

First we were looking for treasures - never know what you will find

some driftwood

some more driftwood - some of these would be perfect for my garden plans, but how would it look like at customs with my bags full of it

besides driftwood - we found things they look like they came from outer space

after we filled up boxes and bags with treasures we start to heat up the grill

the "boss" of the grill *lol*

and no the hot dogs weren´t burned - they were just right

after we all ate a bunch of hot dogs - it was time with the experiment "the desert - Smores" - never heared of something like this - are you sure its something to eat!?!

well yeah it is and it looks like this at the beginning (finger doesnt belong to desert *lol*)

cracker - marshmallow - chocolate - cracker

put it on the grill so the chocolate and marshmallow could melt

no, the cracker is not burned - it suppose to be like this *giggle*

anyone who would like to try......... we found an volunteer...... me

and I have survived!

  It was very sweet and messy, I guess I had the melted chocolate all over my face

and just for the fun we put some marshmallows an a stick to heat them up

this was yumieh!!!

and some extreme chillin on the swing