Mittwoch, 29. April 2009

Es werden mehr!!!

Gestern war wieder ein Umschlag von den Geburtstags-Wichteln in der Mailbox.

Dieses Schätzchen ist von Rose aka Patch-rrose

Liebe Rose auch dir vielen Lieben Dank für den squishy Umschlag. Hab da auch noch was anderes ertastet - konnte aber nicht weiter machen, da ein Stoff-Wichtel-Aufpasser mir ordentlich auf die Finger gehauen hatte *lol*.

Dienstag, 28. April 2009

Stinky Paw Prints Left Behind!!!

Well - it was not cow-poop it was chicken-poop on Bizkits paw while he was strolling through the house, walked on carpets, jumped on the couch aso.......... and left smelly paw-prints behind. So I was spending some time with cleaning - hey Buddy, next time wear wellies when you take the short way through the chicken coop.

Montag, 27. April 2009


Somehow I never or barly make it online on the weekends - also I couldnt get it managed to sneak up in my sewing room. Friday I went to watch a soccer-match (we won), Saturday I was spending some time at Mariannes house (my friend Nicoles Mom) and yesterday I watched the next soccer-match (we won again!). All I did was signing my "Ugly yellow brick road"-blocks so they are ready to be mailed. BTW everbody I have shown those block have told me that they are not ugly - HELP - but they need to be ugly!!! Well they gonna be mailed out cute or ugly........

Nicole went shopping on Friday and got some stuff for me too - THANK YOU *hugs* !!! Great choice - love it!!!

For this week I plan to work on my cats flannel-quilt. When I was planing to sew one - it was because my little cat Tigger loved to snuggle up in flannel-fabrics or -scrapbox, but he got hit by a car last year - now Bizkit will get it and hopefully will love it too (Bizkit was never spending time with me in the sewing room before - he just start doing it after Tigger died). This quilt will be all scrapy with scraps from the Babyquilts I made the last couple of years.

I also wanna sandwich the birthday-block-top 2008 - I have the batting and backing at home - just time is missing.


Am Samstag hab ich zwei weitere, liebevoll bedruckte bzw. beklebte Umschläge aus den Reihen der Geburtstags-Stoff-Wichtel von den Quiltfriends bekommen. Petra und Nesli habt schon jetzt vielen Dank!

Petra aka Quiltchaotin

Nesli aka Nesli

So, die zwei Umschläg sind im "Geburtstags-Stoff-Korb" gelandet....... hmmmmm ich könnte doch mal..... AUTSCH......... oh diese Stoffwichtel passen auf......... Alcatraz war einst auch nicht besser bewacht.........

Freitag, 24. April 2009

Just some pics from the yard

Pics just the way how they were taken - no playing around with them only made them smaller for posting here.

Please tell me that these blocks are ugly!!!!

Ok - here is a pic of the blocks for the ugly yellow brick road swap. I think they are ugly - so ugly that I start thinking that they are cute again. So please tell me, that they are ugly enough for this swap. I still need to sign them - they gonna be mailed by Monday also.

More squishy Umschläge waren in der Mailbox

Gestern waren 2 weitere sqishy Umschläge in der Mailbox. Ohhhh es werden immer mehr und der Korb wird immer voller......... und ICH ARMES DING muss noch soooooo lange warten bis ich diese aufmachen darf. Nachdem ich mittlerweile schon soviele Aufpasser-Wichtel im Haus hab - trau ich mich gar nicht mehr in die nähe von dem Korb - denn entweder diese Wichtel oder meine Mama hauen mir eine auf die Finger - lol.

Das sind die Umschläge von Anja aka hoeribears und Andrea aka finchen

Hoeribears und finchen habt einstweilen vielen Dank für die Umschläge

Finally done with the last Birthday-block

This week I got the last block of the birthday-block swap done. Its not that I needed to rush but I never know which plans life got for me this year. Last year I sewed the blocks month by month and with all the happenings with Mom and Dad I started getting behind and I didnt wont it to happen this year. Its not my thing when I sign up for a swap and drop out in the middle of the time. I already mailed out some blocks in Feb - this one and 3 others which I still have here, will be mailed on Monday.

This one is for stcycly66 - unbleached muslin and any Sue

Montag, 20. April 2009

Der nächste squishy Umschlag

Schon am Donnerstag hab ich den nächsten Umschlag aus dem Forum der Quiltfriends bekommen.

Dieses Schätzchen ist von Monika aka Bessy

Liebe Monika schon jetzt einmal ein herzliches Dankeschön......... 2 Wochen muss ich mich noch gedulden.........

Printed (store bought) postcard swap

This is what I made from the postcards out of this swap - all my quilting sisters are keeping me company in my sewing room

Birthday Block Swap 2008

Last year I was also playing in the birthday block swap - my wish was rainbow-colors on cream or beige background.

Thats what all the wonderful blocks looked like when I received them for my b-day last year

It was a sin to have those pretties laying in a box for such a long time. Saturday was a nasty-rainy-april weather day so I decided to spent the day in my sewing-room - woohoo finally the top ist done and this is what it looks like

Donnerstag, 16. April 2009

I did it again!!!

Can someone slap me on my fingers - please!!! I did it again - I said yes "I´m in"..... the next swap of QLR. It sounds like way to much fun to stay out of it. The swap is called "ugly yellow brick road swap". The pattern looks like this
We will use ugly fabrics - but what if I dont have ugly fabrics??? I love all of mine and they are all pretties - well I guess I have to combine them so they will look ugly together. I have to wait to the weekend until I can start with those blocks - how funny will this be and I cant wait what ugly blocks I will get *lol*

New Program

I kept having problems with picasa! I cant download pics anymore without having an error, the pics wont be shown at all or just some, the next time I have them all double aso. I always thought oh well its because my PC is getting old again and cant deal with the picasa but I heard from my friend Nicole that she is having problems too. Well I decided to get me a new program and so far I´m quite happy with it. Here are some examples from my playtime.

The Original - taken by me yesterday

The original - taken by me

Pic taken and framed by me

This is fun where I can spend hours with.......

Mittwoch, 15. April 2009

Last Postcard from the swap

I received the last postcard out of the swap from QLR

Its from Marian - thanks so much, there are some infos about Ohio on it very interessting and I do love those cardinal birds

Some pics from the horse-stable

I made some pics at the stable - we have some furry friends there too.

Eboli our 24 year old horse - she recovered quite well - this well that she
broke out of the winter-paddock and run to the sommer pasture place. Girl slow
down - dont forget you have heart-problems

This is Frederic called Freddy - he is just barefaced to us, the other cats and the dog - a troublemaker

Walze - one of the 2 black cats - they look like twins.

Jacky - never listening, emancipated dog - loves kids and water, cant stand Jack Russels and lives in war with Freddy - they way "If you do it to me - I´ll do it to you"

Samstag, 11. April 2009