Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012

Playmobil Funpark

a great place for the kids to go and thats what we did.

the perfect location to experience the Funpark - lol

a view towards the pirate ship

Of course Chiara was all excited to get on one of the horses

while Soren took over the carriage

always good to know where to go when someone gets hurt

Soren on a mini Spiderweb

It was a fun day and this defently is a great place for kids. There is also the possibility to go there when the weather is not to good because besides the huge outside area they also have a big indoor area.

Manor "Wolfgangshof"

On our way to Zirndorf we drove by this manor - my friend Nicole asked me if could do a fast stop there. Sure - I´ve never been there either - I always saw this manor when I drove to Nuremberg by train.
This manor was built in 1903 by Alexander Graf v. Faber-Castell and named after his first son Wolfgang who died in March 1903. Faber-Castell is famos for their pens and pencils - their company is in Stein - right around the corner.

Its such a pretty manor....... just have look

Sadly no one is living there anymore but you can rent the property for festivities - I´m sure festivities there will be always in good memory.

Freitag, 20. Juli 2012

Backing And Binding

The last view days I were able to spent some time in my sewing room and made some more progress on my current project.

I already cut, sewed and ironed the binding

and reeled it up on a old wooden spool

here the backing I sewed together - I used the rest of the purple fabrics, some flanel and some fleece
(my personal opinion - it looks better in real then it does on the pic)

I´m pretty good in time - quilting got started today!

Mittwoch, 18. Juli 2012

Quilting Bee July 2012

We have managed the next quilting bee - well an extraordinarily bee......because my friend Nicole was part of it - yay!!!! She lives in TX and is on vacation in Germany to visit family and friends. We had lots of fun, chatting and some sewing

This is the project Nicole wants to work on - her plan for this evening to pin and quilt it

the start to pin the layers ...... at her laptop :D

look - she moved a bit closer......

and yayyyy Nicole made it....... the first pin is took quite a while - lol!

still talking about pinning and quilting the layers...... Nicole was back with her laptop and facebook - lol

somehow she managed it to get it all pinned - there must be some gnomes helping her so she could start her quilting (LOL - luv a girl)

Ohh nooo - the tension wasnt right and the quilting turned out loopy on the backside.

I must admit Nicoel did all the quilting at this evening - so she really worked like a busy bee!

And of course Marianne was part of the bee also - she did some handsewing

and finished this its called "Schnuffeltuch"

she also kept on working on her other hand sewing project.

I´ve finsihed the top of the wedding/memory-quilt - sorry that I wont upload a pic at the moment - because the new going-to-be-quiltowner might stopp by at my blog also.

I really enjoyed the quilting bee with Nicole und Marianne.

Montag, 16. Juli 2012

Birthday Present And Some Goodies

Its been over two weeks by now since my friend Nicole has arrived in good ol´Germany. I´m pretty happy to be able to spent a decent time with her and the kids.

She also delivered my birthday present personally - thats what I liked best (the personal delivery)

she made me a beautiful lunchbag

wrapped cute signs in fabric

Some yummieh Mac & Cheese and a BBQ-Sauce

Those are goodies I ordered at the LQS of FT. Hood area. Nicole was willing to pick up the order at th shop.

Thanks Nicole for making and bringing the goodies!!!

Dienstag, 10. Juli 2012

A Bit More Sewing

The other blocks I´ve started sewing at the last quilting bee, are already done. Now I have to add stripes and squares to the pics and blocks with written poems (made them blurry - just in case the future quilt owner are stopping by).

fabrics are cutted

the inspector is checking my work

the stripes are added on the side

these still need to be added to the blocks.

Some Lightning And A Storm

Last day of June was hot, humit.......just one of those evenings where you expect a thunderstorm

Picturetime out of my bathroom window

Well I spent quite some time taking pictures the night before, but I havent relized that the wind was so strong so it would this to my garden

A tree went down in the neighbourhood and chairs and grill were blown of the neighbours patio - but lucky us just little damages.