Mittwoch, 27. Mai 2009

Sneggele (Snail) Alert in the house

Unbelievable I finished something crafty yesterday. Since we had thunderstorm warnings with hail for yesterday evening - there was no need to do some gardening (well we were some of the lucky ones who "only" got rain - some other parts of Germany weren´t this lucky and got some major damage). I got home early from the horses and went straight to the sewing room - in the beginning I wasn´t really in the mood for sewing but it changed from stitch to stitch and hours later I had to make me stop and go to bed.

I finished the 2 sneggeles à la Tilda - the fabric of the red sneggele was my Moms and bought in the 70ies (hmmm might be even older than I am???) - the fabric of the other sneggele was out of an scrap bag I bought a while ago.

I also continued working on the cats flannel-scrap-quilt. The scraps are left overs from the baby-quilts I made and the drawer is more than full with them.


Montag, 25. Mai 2009

Where is Bizkit??

Where is Bizkit??

He is hiding in the strawberry-bed to get some shade


I don´t sew alot lately, I don´t even feel like. Last Wednesday I was in the sewing room for a little while and thats it - just to get the dust of my maschine. I did some work on the sneggeles - hopefully the will be finished by this Wednesday. I should defently spent more time in the sewing-room because I need some presents to be done......

Beautiful Weekend

We had a fabulous sunny warm weekend. The horses enjoyed the weather, Jacky our dog from the stable not so much - she is more for the snow and cold weather (must be the Huskie in her). Here are some pics from Candy Man and his brother Campino (my friends horse) + one of their Mom Eboli. Eboli is actualley our stable-owners horse - but he doesn´t really care about her, so somehow she became "my" horse too.

Candy Man

Campino - Candy Man´s brother

Eboli - the Mom of the two above

Jacky our emancipated never listening stable dog

Our furry employee

Since almost three years we have a furry employee named "Minzie". In the beginning we saw a cat running around and start feeding the cat or something on the companys property. We start seeing more of the cat and some day she starts coming into our office. Now she "works" (sleeps) from Mon. - Fri. 7.30 - 16.30 in her little basket in my office. For the weekend she got an outside place with some food and during closing-days we found someone who is feeding Minzie. In 2007 we got a litter of 2 kittens from her (by now Minzie is sterilized) - I took one of them home and one kitten took my bosses nephew. The kitten I took developed to an little devil - so cute but still a devil. Sadly Tigger got hit by a car last year with the age of 1.

Minzie - "Little Buddha"

Tigger - the kitten I took home


When those two rascals got older - they were everywhere in the office - nothing was safe anymore

Sonntag, 24. Mai 2009

Wooohooo I´m back online

I spent quite some time on the phone with Telekom and finially I had someone on the other end and sounded like he knows what he is talking about. Pretty easy, no new speedport just switch one button form ext. to int. - then the whole internet problem was gone. The next question is who switched the button??? I didnt do it and the Internet worked fine the one day and the next day I couldnt get online any more....... hmmm do I have a ghost in the house??? I will watch out and see if I have more inexplainable occurrences in my house.

Dienstag, 19. Mai 2009

I hate Telekom

Today I called customer service of Telekom to see whats going on because the technical service hasn´t called yet. After spending 4 minutes on the phone (this was quite fast) I finially had a human person on the other end. I told the lady the story about my speedport and she checked the files and said "Well, yeah you called on Friday but this report never got to the technical service" - great! Now I have to carry my speedport to someone elses house to check if its working there or not because if the speedport is broken they will charge me for the technician (45.00 € /15 Minutes) - are they insane!!!! And why didnt told me this the other person on Friday??? Why couldn´t he say we have to charge if....???? I would´ve time on the weekend to run around the neighborhood to do this but defently not during the week. They freak me out!

Montag, 18. Mai 2009

Home Internet is down

Friday when I got home from work I found out that I dont have any access to the internet anymore. Great!!! On a Friday!!! I was preparing myself for an 4 h fon-marathon (thats how long it took me the last time to get my speedport replaced - grrrrrrr!). I called customer-service of telekom to report the failure and they promised me the technical service will call me Saturday morning - well I stayed home all day to wait for the call....... well I was waiting for nothing and I´m sure they will call today - when I´m back to work. Looks like it will be some more days without home-internet. Lucky me that I can use Internet at work during my lunch-break.


Lately I havent spent any time with sewing - I dont know what it is, but I dont even feel like. It´s propably because of the nice weather outside, alot of work in the yard and the new books I got for my birthday. I got 4 books and I have almost finshed the 2nd one. Well some little sewing I have done - I sew 2 Tilda snails and they still need to be stuffed with wadding and finished up.


We also had some heavy thunder-storms the last couple of weeks and so last night. I was reading on the balcony and somehow I fell asleep until thunder and lightning woke me up....... brrrr I realized how cold I was and hurried up to get inside to sneak under my blanky and go back to sleep.

Montag, 11. Mai 2009

Some pics from the outside

Yesterday I did some gardening and also had my camera with me

I love violets - they are so pretty and there are so many colors


Pile of firewood in neighbours yard

hard work - carrying the house all the way up in the apple tree

And my buddy Bizkit - he is following me all day around

Finially it´s Weekend

Finially its weekend and I had time to unpack all the squishies envelopes I have recieved for my birthday. I´d like to have b/w or 1930´s fabrics and this is what I got

Here are the squishies waiting in the basekt to be opened

And here are all the beauties (+ some extra goodies for the hips) I got from the Geburtstags-Stoff-Wichtel of the Quiltfriends. None is double an I can expand my WAD´s-List for next year *lol*

Thank you to all the ladies from this swap *hug you all* - I love every single FQ and of course the extras. Thank you, thank you, thank you - you gals are great!

Sonntag, 10. Mai 2009

Jetzt sind alle da!

Letzte Woche am Mittwoch kam der letzte Umschlag aus dem Kreise der Geburtstags-Stoff-Wichtel. Liebe Zita, vielen lieben Dank dafür - der Umschlag kommt ins Körbchen und warten aus auspacken am WE.

Zita aka Nonna

Mittwoch, 6. Mai 2009

Here are my presents

Here are pics from what I got for my birthday. Books, even one in english from Nicole, hairdryer, flowers, parfum, pralinés, self-drawed picture from little Marina, some garden-decoration, the blocks from the birthday-block-swap and alot of envelopes out of the Geburtstagswichtel-swap (I will open them on the weekend) and a absoluty beautiful tablerunner made by Marianne.

made by Marianne and fits perfectly on my couch table in the living-room

Fast alle sind da

Am Montag lagen 2 dicke Umschläge in der Mailbox und gestern waren es nochmal 3 - jetzt sind sie fast alle da. Ich freu mich schon aufs Wochenende, damit ich die ganzen Schätzchen in Ruhe und mit Genuss auspacken kann. Vielen lieben Dank an euch!

Jutta aka juttaquilt

Birgitt aka birgitt

Gabriele aka gabrielestabel

Christa aka herbst-zeitlos

Christiane aka Flottenadel

Montag, 4. Mai 2009

Some baking and cleaning but no sewing

This weekend were no time and mood for sewing. I did some major house cleaning, made some muffins all chocolaty (oh yummiehhh!)

and went from one soccer-game to the next one - our team won both games. In the evenings I was knitting a lil bit - yes I can knit but I reduced my knitting to socks. My Grandma tought me how too when I was a lil girl with the age of 5. A pic will follow when the socks are done - well it will take a while cause I dont knit very often..........