Dienstag, 17. April 2012

Bee-house Is Down

Warning: lots of non-sewing pics ;-)

We used to have bees as long as I can remember. It was a hobby of my Oma and when we were kids we always wanted to be there when she was working at the bee-house.

This is my Oma - the pics were taken +/- 20 years ago infront of the bee-house with a honeycomb in her hand

the little smoker makes the bees leave the honeycomb and kinda calm them down

this a good friend with my Oma inside the bee-house

When my Oma got sick and died, my Dad took over the bees - well my interest was gone by that time because I started to show allergic reaction when I get stinged. My Dad used to have bees for 10 more years but then the regulation got tightened and he gave them up. The bee-house turned into a storage for junk...............last year I was going to paint the bee-house but it wasnt worth it anyomore, the boards were rotten and wood worms moved in also.

bee-house last year

roof tiles are off

the lath followed the next evening

walls gone

an this is what it looks like now - the plinth still has to go

Saturday evening the bee-house was history..............bye bye bee house you are gone but not the memories - they will be treasured in my heart

Sonntag, 15. April 2012

Dino-Quilt Is Done

Finally the Dino-Quilt is done. The top was fast put together but then I decided to quilt dinosaurs into the borders and they took quite some time. I´ve also learned a new lesson - when you use thicker batting you need a bigger backing - not only 2 inch on each side.

My Mini Has Arrived

I´ve joined the New Beginnings Mini Quilt Swap over at quiltinggallery. Its a secret swap - this means the swap partner you mail your mini is not your partner you receive the mini from.

I love to get squishy mail and mine came from Sylvia of Germany

Look at this pretty mini quilt Sylvia made for me

Thank you so much Sylvia for this wonderful mini and the extra you packed up.

Freitag, 13. April 2012

Furry Friends Outside

A while ago I took Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar the first time to their outside corral. In the beginning they had no clue what to do.......... but they figured it out pretty fast.

they checked

thinking about what to do

listening to all the noises

hopping around

final gallop at the home stretch ;-)

digging holes is way more fun then galloping

some serious cleaning after some serious digging

exhausted and tired

Moritz is taking a sun bath

while Rocco prefers a dirt bath ;-)

Donnerstag, 12. April 2012

Neighbours Oak Tree

One neighbour complains about the other neighbours oak tree for years and finally the poor tree gets cut down (I loved the tree because there were always chirping birds in it).

before the tree hit the ground it rotated and partly ended up on our property

 the fence and a concrete pillar got ripped down by the tree 

some roof tiles of the bee house also went down

Well the tree could´ve rotate a bit more and fell all the way into the bee house - it will be ripped down within the next few weeks. But whats most important , no one was hurt and everything else can be replaced or fixed.

Sewing & Chatting

I feel bad because I havent posted for a month - I´m still here, I´m still sewing or doing things and taking pictures but I got pretty lazy when it comes to posting. I guess I have to do some catch-up on what I did the last few weeks.

Well Marianne and me had a little get together with some sewing, chatting and some champagne

Marianne showed me her projects she is working on
All-colors-quilt - squares are cut and now she is trying to find a layout she likes

the amazing 3D-ball black & white - layers are sandwiched

here is another cute sandwich made out of a panel and borders were added

and of course the girls version too

Well I was sewing in some threads of my Dino-quilt.......hmmm it looks like I havent taken any pics of it.