Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Baby Wyatts Quilt Is Done And On Its Way

I was in a hurry to finish this quilt - after my sewing break I worked two looooong nights to finish it. By now Baby Wyatts quilt is in the mail towards CA - Ashley and Scott havent seen a peek of the quilt so far - I hope they will like it

The size is 45.5" x 57" - I wanted to use dark blue for the binding but I run out of it :-( (no clue where I bought it and if I would´ve known - overseas delivery takes too long for being needed right away)

Back To Sewing And "The Beast"

The cast was taken off last Thursday, the finger(s) was(were) still stiff and swollen but it got better from day to day. My doc was quite surprised how fast the infection went away and how fast the wound was healing (my secret..... things you use for your horse - cant be to bad for yourself - lol). Everything works so far, so I could give some sewing a try.

Ok and here is the reason of my sewing break - the monster, the wild beast who did this to my finger.........
.......... and always remember a tiger is a tiger no matter what size it is...........

Dont laugh - this wild huge beast bit me in my finger
dont trust this cute little face..... its her poker-face - lol.
She deserves the worst punishment........nooo not her life....... she has to move in with me :-D

When Moritz saw her the first time.... it was so funny.... he was close to an heart attack - wont forget this pic - lol. After two days playing the bad and upset cat..... all he can think about now is the little one and how to hunt her through the house.

The kitten got a real thick fur - so Moritz biting is not to bad for her.

Bizkit is on one side not really excited about another cat (well my Mom wasnt either - I thought she would kick me out of my house) but on the other side Bizkit absolutly enjoys being left alone from Moritz and is snoring peaceful in his basekt all day long!

The kitten was a wild kitten from work (I´m sure she is somehow related to Moritz - he is also from work) and was scared to death and afraid of losing her life when I caught her..... thats why she bit me. She is still shy - but when I get the chance to pet her.........she turns into a cuddling/purring monster ;-)

Samstag, 15. Januar 2011

Sewing Break :-(

involuntarily I have to take a sewing break because I got bitten by a straying cat last thursday while trying to rescue the little beast. I felt how the teeth went through my skin and afterwards I couldnt hold my hand without shaking. I went to the doctor and let him check.....he put on some iodine and wanted to see me the following got worse...big fat I got shoots and my whole hand and part of the arm got day - next check.....well it havent got better but at least it didnt got worse. So hopefully it will get better the next days or I will be sent to the hospital.

this was Thursday before I went to the doctor - a bit swollen but not too bad

and here is my cast

I couldnt make a pic of the hand before I got the cast

MugRug - Here Is My First One

MugRug thats the new fever in the Quilters World and it finally got me too. Well, actually a while ago and it was made for my precious friend Nicole. I had lots of fun making it and it wasnt defently not my last one I made

I also put on a vinyl foil to protect the rug from stains but it didnt come out the way I wanted it to - it kinda looks like a little wallhanging by now ;-)

Montag, 10. Januar 2011

Mug Rug Swap!!!

Just in case you guys being bored and dont know what to do........

what about participating the

Mug Rug Swap

at Quiltinggallery?!?

 I´m already in.... so hurry up - registration closes January 18th

Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011


nooo not the Twilight-saga - we had an eclipse of the sun yesterday. And I had no idea how I can catch something like this with my camera. It was a click-click, change settings, click-click, change settings, click-click, change settings, aso

This was my last try and it was almost over......I made this pic through the welding googles (I hope its called like this) I "stole" from our mechanic

Some String-Bags for Charity

I´ve squeezed in those bags for charity.

they are made from fleece and I put on some iron-ons/glue ons

Gabi from the QF asked if some of us would help sewing a few bags for a school for mentally handicapped children. Some of the bags will be used for the students there or will be sold at markets in their area. I hope Gabi can use them they way I made the bags.

Layers Are Stitched Together

The layers of Baby Wyatt´s quilt are stitched together. I have used a nice, soft and thick fleece for the backing and I have already started quilting. I would love to do some stippeling but I dont trust my skills so far - especially not on quilts I would like to give away. I still have two Ufos which will stay with me and I have planed on trying some more stippeling on those.

Whenever Moritz gets the chance, he follows Bizkit into my sewing-room.....
exploring bags.....

or trying to organize my cutting-table.....

but that´s the way I love him most...... asleep - lol

Last night he started bringing all his toys into my sewing-room - just in case he will be bored in there ;-)

Montag, 3. Januar 2011

Some Fun In The Snow

Last weekend we were strolling through the beautiful winterly forest with the horses. Its amazing how much our horses love the snow!

WAD´s List 2010 - Review

1. Finish flannel-scrap-quilt for my cat - quilting

2. Finish birthday-block-quilt (2008) - started quilting

3. Working on lazed-star-quilt

4. Working on Moonglow

DONE 5. Coffee-tablerunner

6. Working on NewYork-Beauty-quilt

7. Working on a kaleidoskop-quilt

DONE 8. Birthday Quilt

DONE 9. Toddler-quilt

10. Finish top of ugly brick road

11. Finish top of Birthday-Block-Quilt 2009

Oh boy...... I havent working on alot of things of my WAD´s-list. I have already reduced my project for 2010 but it looks like it was still too much. Only three projects got completed and on two I´m still working on and the rest havent even been touched :-( . During summer I havent had time for alot of sewing - there is always alot of work to do on our property and I squeezed in some little things which werent planned at all!

And again I already have a new WAD´s List for 2011

1. Finish flannel-scrap-quilt for my cat - quilting

2. Finish birthday-block-quilt (2008) - started quilting

3. Working on lazed-star-quilt

4. Working on Moonglow

5. Finish Baby Wyatts quilt

6. Working on NewYork-Beauty-quilt

7. Working on a kaleidoskop-quilt

8. Making a quilt for a baby-girl (October)

9. Making a quilt for a friend  (June)

10. Finish top of ugly brick road

11. Finish top of Birthday-Block-Quilt 2009

OK - so lets get started!