Sonntag, 17. März 2013

Easter Is Around The Corner

and again I dont have a easter tablerunner or any decoration I´ve planned on sewing last year. Hmmmmm I wonder what happen to those sewing plans?!? No clue!!!

A couple days ago I have finally managed it to disappear into my sewing room to dig in my stash for my going-to-be easter tablerunner I´ve seen in Quilts & More

I´ve drawn the pattern on fusible

ironed on fabric and cut out

and started to applique

Violá - the eggs are done and I think they look soooooo cute. I cant wait to keep on working on this tabelrunner

Cutting, Cutting And Some More Cutting


and diamonds

for this project

It will be a side project - mainly for the summer when I wont spent alot of time in my sewing room.

So Many Goodies

Better late then never to THANK YOU Marianne and Nicole for all the goodies.

Look what Marianne brought me back from Texas (besides the cat, Bizkit has insist on being in the pic - lol) lots of goodies....... and so many goodies Nicole has sent for me (of course I wore the St. Patricks-Day shirt today)

Those two lucky ones were able to visit the QuiltCon in Austin and even from there I have received some goodies - you guys are awesome!

not to forget to mention the valentines-letter/picture my handsome godchild Soren has sent for me.
Thanks buddy - I love you too!

Donnerstag, 7. März 2013

Nice Winter Ride

Looks like my posts are bit mixed up in time and weather lol - sorry about that - but I just found those pics on my cell phone.

Good Morning World

Sunday morning 7 am and freezing temperatures
the promise of a beautiful day??

I havent even seen my sewing machine in over two weeks :(

Xmas-Tree Top Is Done And A New Ufo

Finally the top out of the Xmas tree swap is done. I had sooooo much fun putting the blocks together

I still had to add the border - two rows of squares which I secure-stitched the seams

the border was done - but adding it to the top was the work of another evening

start working on the binding (I like to have it done before I need it - well, whenever this will be - lol)

one of my favorite tools 

and here the progress of another evening..... so how do you like it???? Well, I love it!!!

in the meantime the layers are sandwiched........
..... my finger is hurt ;)

and my newborn Ufo is getting packed up to suffer the live of an Ufo :)

Time Is Flying By And A Favorite Sleeping Place

And here we go again - no time for sewing and blogging. Sometimes I wonder how that happen??? Well I work extra hours most of the time, my horse + 1 needs a bit more attention, so do my cats, but still - normally I sneak into my sewing room even if its late and if its only for 15 min. I feel like the time is running by so fast........ or is it me getting slower?!?!

Anyways I still have a few pics to blog about.........

 When I was working on my Xmas-Tree top I relized all of a sudden that the locker door is open ....... just a bit........

......look what I found in my stash - Rocco - taking one of his power-naps :)