Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

New Beginnings Mini Quilt Swap

Couple days ago I thought about that I havent participated a swap at quiltinggallery since quite a while. I might have missed them cuz I havent stopped by regularly - but on accident I stumpled over the button somewhere in blogland. Yaaayyyy  - I´m really looking forward to make a new mini for a participant of this swap. If you are interested too - click the button below

New Beginnings Mini Quilt Swap

Samstag, 21. Januar 2012

FNSI January - Results

All day I was looking forward to disappear into my sewing room and I managed it to do it quite early.

My plans were to sew on the binding on my X-mas tree skirt

and to put the rows from birthday-block-swap  from 2009 together (my current ufo I´m working on)

I was hoping to get quite some work done this evening

binding got sewed on via machine on the front

I need to sew on the binding in the circle also - but first I need to hand stitch down the edge binding on the backside - this will happen the next few days

I also started to sew some more red-white-red strips together 

to finish the rows of my patriotic quilt. The blocks are from a swap from 2009

For myself - I think I made a good progress on my projects.

Mittwoch, 18. Januar 2012

FNSI January

And her we go - its about time for the FNSI - the first sew-in in 2012.

Click the botton below and sign in

I´m looking so forward to this friday and hopefully I will get some sewing done!

Montag, 16. Januar 2012


I was shopping for fleece some weeks ago to make those loops/scarfs I´ve seen in some forums. This weekend I finally made some

here is the loop

and this is the the scarf I can turn into a loop also because I added KAMsnaps (hoorrayyy the first time - only have them since July 2011)

I showed them to my Mom - well she walked away with this one ;-)

A Jinxed Evening

It was one of those days were I should´ve stayed in bed. After a crazy day I was so looking forward to spent some time in my sewing room. I wanted to start quilting my x-mas tree skirt - in a good mood I went upstairs towards my sewing room

I practise a bit free motion quilting - tried to follow the stencil - ummph - I need to practise more - but

it looked alright on the backside

the thread ripped and got stucked and machine made a funny noise- yikes - oh please - no bigger damage again!!!

 So I went to the basement to get some of my other "toys"

I´ve loosen some screws and took the plastic cover away

it took me quite some while until I had this offender out - oh how I love those days!!!

After I put the machine back together (oh lucky me - I didnt had any leftover parts) - I did some test-sewing - yay me... machine worked.

Meanwhile it was 10 pm when I finally started quilting but I have finished it.

Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2012

Top For Christmas Tree Skirt Is Done

Normally I have a skirt for my Christmas tree but it was made out of a stiffer tissue paper material (cellulose?). It was blue to fit with my tree and I had it for a couple of years until now.......... Rocco and Moritz shreddered it. I only had big, small and itsy-bitsy tiny pieces of it left after the season. So I need a new tree-skirt and I better start making it now so the chances would be better to have it done by next X-mas season.

Its made after a tut I found in the www.

Woohooo, I´m so looking forward to layer and start quilting it.

Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012

First Finish In 2012

I´ve been working on this quilt since 2008. I got the blocks out of a swap from QLR my preferences were rainbow-colors. I started quilting the center part and then I put it aside to work on lot of other quilts. I think it was November when I started quilting again, sewing in threads and put on the binding..... well didn´t managed it to get it done in 2011 but this week I made the last stitch on sewing down the binding - well got start for 2012 with finishing an UFO

done sewing in the threads

a colorful quilt - perfect for a grey winter day

Its also made in memory of Merry Bee a member of QLR - she passed away the year we swapped the blocks. I´ve never met her in person but we had some nice email contact were we chat about her time in Germany.

Scarf Is Done

I December I´ve started this scarf out of a kit - it was fun to knit but for my taste the scarf is to short.

Looks like the scarf found its new owner...... no just kidding - my Mom took it

Cat Tree

I bought a new cat tree for my three fur balls. The old one only had one had one sleeping place and most of the time all three wanna take a nap but sleeping place were already occupied. So I bought a bigger and nicer one

after I have put it together I moved the old tree and violá here is the new one

After I opened the door first Moritz came in..... well he almost got scared to death at least his fur was pointing in every direction - lol.

Rocco was quite sceptic too

checking if this red thing is going to attack him

after the fur flatten again Moritz also checked the tree out

it looks like they are all not sure about this "thing"

and I made a big mistake since Bizkit a lit bit bigger..... cat flap is one for small/medium dogs........
never thought about a xxl sleeping place for the cat tree

I´ve the feeling I bought the tree for myself....... will see if this is going to change the next few weeks.

Mittwoch, 4. Januar 2012

Happy New Year To All Of You

I hope you all had a blessed X-Mas season and a great start into the new year!

I know its been a while since my last post but the days before Christmas were just crazy and so the holidays. I cant remember when it was the last time that I was pretty happy to go back to my office do my work and dont have to deal with the holiday crazyness around here. I will try to catch up with some more posts the next few days. Happy New Year!!!