Sonntag, 26. September 2010

Treasure Chest Moved In

After a long time of working on my treasure chest it finally moved in my living room. I moved around the furniture all morning until I found the right place. I still need to find the right fitting for the keyhole and than the chest would be all the way finshed.

Thats what the chest looked like when I got it last year

started to get the paint off

all the paint is off

after wood worm-, epoxyd resin- and linseed oil treatment and painting the fittings - thats what the chest looks like by now

my quilts will be stored in there

Freitag, 24. September 2010

My New Secret Project

I have started a new quilt - its a secret project - so I will only post little peeks out of this. In the beginning I was trying to get some more of two certain fabrics. Well I couldnt find them anywhere here so I ordered it overseas and ask my friend Nicole if she would send it to me. I was a lucky girl.... because the fabrics were still available and because they were on sale...$ 2.79/yrd great deal.

here is the peek - I´m using other color like they did in the pattern

Donnerstag, 23. September 2010

A New Swap At Quiltinggallery

There is a new swap at quiltinggallery - hopp over  and check it out. I have already registered - somehow I became a swap-junkie - lol. It sounds like fun and its easy to make - so think about. Registration will be open until October. 5th

Candle Mat Swap

Montag, 20. September 2010

My Swap Partner From Brown Bag Quilt Contest

I signed up for this swap at Stash Manicure - the participants are from all over the world. How big are the chances to get a swap partner from your neighbourhood?!? Very very slim! I´ve got my mail with the info about my swap partner last week - her name is Emma - I saw thats an APO address in Germany......... and not even 10 minutes later I have received an Email from Emma that she is living in Nxoxos 66........ I was stunned she is actually living not even 1 mile away from my house - how cool is that!!! She asked if I would like to swap the the fabric in person.......... of course I do - when do you actually have the chance to meet a swap partner out of an international swap.

Saturday we were going to meet and swap our fabrics (and I forgot my camera... blame me!)...... I met a very kind young women, we had a little chat about our hobby and Emma told me that she just moved in this area ..... and she was so nice to show me some of her quilts she is working on....... I can tell you there are some really beautiful quilts going to be finished anytime soon.

and here is the swap-package I have received .... I love how she tied it together with the pink bow

have a peek of what I got....thanks Emma ;-)

I love the fabrics I have received - I was looking at them for I while........ and a small idea already came into my mind.... but I still have to work on this idea.......... so far it was my best swap because I met a new quilting friend!!!

Happy stitchin!

Wrapping For Brown Bag Quilt Contest

I wanted to sew something little again - something I can be finished with quite fast and something I can wrap the swaping fabrics in. What about a little friendship bag.......

....they are cute....

...and big enough to fit four 1/2 yrd cuts in...

.... and here we go......

Montag, 13. September 2010

My Pick For Brown Bag Quilt Contest

So far I havent yet received a mail with the infos of my "partner" for this contest - but I have already picked out some fabrics which are going to be mailed out. Hmmmm each fabric itself is pretty but those together look quite ugly...... what do you think? I think I feel sorry for my partner because you have to use like 90 % of those fabrics for the project.

I´m really looking forward what my "partner" is going to make out of it.

Happy stitchin


I was looking for a bookshelf since quite some time - I wanted one for the itsy bitsy tiny spot between my locker and the wall (10.5").

I was looking everywhere and those I found were always to wide. And after another never ending www. search I found a store who has a shelf in the right size....... I was doing the happy dance because I already saw me building my own shelf.

Last week the shelf got delivered

 voilá - it was put together in about 3 minutes - not screws needed

and the shelf fits perfectly in this spot

This was a reason to do some major cleaning in my sewing room - it looks nice and tidy again!

Hmmm do I still sew?!?!? I still do some quilting on Bizkits quilt - but somehow the progress is really slow because there are always other non-quilting/-sewing stuff to do - like working on my teasure chest. The epoxyd resin is finally dry and I´ll started working on this one again - I tell ya...... the chest is going to be a real beauty (well - at least I think so) pics will follow as soon as I´m done. Once more a linseed oil treatment + some sanding and some rust protection on the fittings.