Dienstag, 25. September 2012

The Next Thunderstorm

I love Thunderstroms, especially when it comes to taking pics. Here are a few from the last thunderstorm at the end of August.

Donnerstag, 20. September 2012

My Next Project

I´m pretty thankful that it´s slowing down with yardwork and all the other work outside.........and I can get bussy with some more quilts. My friends Manu & Thomas became parents three weeks ago and actually 2 weeks early as planned. I havent seen their lil girl yet since I dont wanna show up with nothing quilty in my hands (oh and as an excuse they didnt tell the baby-girls name ahead). So, last Saturday I pushed the pedal to the ground to get started and some needles glowing



Well I wasnt sewing alot during summer but at least this much, to get this quilt started in finshed just in time. The deadline was September, 16th and yay me, I finished this quilt one week before (I havent known that a year passes by so fast - sigh). Micha & Andy got a gift coupon on their wedding for a surprise within a year but at the latest on their first Anniversary
Happy Anniversary Micha & Andy
and I hope you like what you got for your gift-coupon ;-)


...and the quilting

Bulk Rubbish Found

I´m not sure if it´s good or not to work for a recycling company.......... sometimes when people clearing pitiless their household or property........ you be able to find lots of neat stuff......

.... like this nostalgic looking can

It nothing valuable but I like the way it looks. I cleaned up the can and all I need to do, is finding a place were to put.


A Couple weeks ago, while I was doing some yardwork I ran into this fellow

May I introduce you to Kermit the frog

He was hiding underneath a plant I ripped out and hopped into the gras........... after a while I picked him up and found him another nice and shady spot to hide out.

The Officially Inauguration Of My Deckchairs

I got those deckchairs for my birthday (not too easy to get them in Germany) and after painting them (since I couldnt be picky about the color) I had them out for quite a while until we found a day for the offical inauguration (well I hope I picked the right word ??) of the deckchairs.

Marianne came over brought great Cocktails and some handsewing for the afternoon
(btw. here is the finished wooden barrel)

my Mom kept us company

and the cats hung around also

It was a great and fun August-afternoon with some handsewing and nice chatting.

Natures Mood

Cherry trees over here start losing some leaves pretty early and while I was cleaning them up I found this special leave

"Love is in the air" well in this case on the ground - lol

of course the first pic I took Moritz` nose had to be in there too

Wooden Barrel Restored

Over the summer I´ve worked on this wooden barrel - it will be my table at my lounging area in the garden

Thats what the barrel looked in the beginning,

rusty rims, weather beaten and wood worm also have started their work on the barrel

 I took the rims off

sandpapered the barrel

smooth again

and the first coat of paint

after a few weeks the barrel and the rims looked like this

The barrel is all the way done and in use! I couldve swear I took pics of the finished barrel but I cant find them......... well just look in some of the comming few posts there will be the barrel in "action" - lol.