Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Fishy-Quilt Is Ready To Travel To His New Owner

Yeahhh I finally finished the fishy-quilt tonight. I thought I wouldnt make it, because I had to wait for a while to pick up my car at the garage (yep, needed some fixing again!!!!). Then I worked at the yard  - digged out a concrete column and old rose bushes, went to the barn and took care of Candy Man and Eboli. I was on my couch around 10 pm and sewed my name tag on the quilt. Done!!! Tomorrow I will put it in the dryer for a bit so all the threads and fuzzy stuff would come off........ and Bizkits hair. Somehow he was in love with this quilt and always tried to sleep on it.

Hopefully little Jonathan, his parents and his Grandmother will like it

Samstag, 20. März 2010

Spring Has Arrived

The last few days were already nice, warm, sunny...... just beautiful......... couldnt wait for the weekend! I woke up saturday morning and I cought the last sunbeams and wooop the sky was cloudy. Oh noooo, it looked like its going to rain soon but I was lucky and there was no rain all day long and temperatures in the mid 60s yeahhhhhh. I was outside starting with yard work...... cutting back trees from 12.30 pm - 18.30 pm. I´m done - I cant even tell which bone in my body doesnt hurt right now!!!

everything starts blooming again and the start is here

March Friday Night Sew In

Friday was sew-in night hosted by Heidi and Bobby! So I hurried up with the horses was thinking about canceling my exercise at the crosstrainer...............well I felt bad about it so I took my time for my little 6/7 day workout. Finally 8.30 pm I was sitting on my couch wearing comfy clothes and a cup of hot chocolate and of course my fishy quilt I was going to work on

I started to hand quilt the outer boarder of my fishy quilt

I got 2 1/4 sides done - wow alot more than I have thought.

Donnerstag, 18. März 2010

Green Night At The Pub

I spent my St. Patricks Day-evening at the Pub. It´s always fun to be there with friends - getting green drinks, green hats and shirts, listening to some irish music......and being in a good mood

Jana and I


Peter and his girlfriend


Freitag, 12. März 2010

Strolling Around Nürnberg/Nuremberg

I dropped my Mom off for eye surgery and I had 3 h time to stroll around Nürnberg. I went shopping for shirts and besides that Nürnberg is such a great city for cultur, sightseeing and taking pictures.

"Weisser Turm" with fountain "Ehekarusell"

St. Jakobs church

St. Elisbeth church

Castle and St. Sebaldus church

they street you walk when you would like to visit the castle

Frauen church - this is the place where you can visit the famos christkindles market  during Christmas-season

St. Lorzeni church

and the best place to chill after a cold winter walk through Nürnberg. Starbucks is right next to a river - beautiful view!!!

My Winter Mini From Bonita Has Arrived

I found a squishy envelope in my mailbox today and wohooo you wont  believe how fast I was upstairs to open it.

Its from Bonita, Mississippi, USA - she also participated the Winter Mini swap of Quilting Gallery and I was her secret swap partner.

I was so excited to open the envelope and found an awesome winter mini


I love it and I will put the mini on my table in the living room - it has the perfect size!
Bonita did a great job on this mini - take a close look at it. I´m a proud owner of a new mini quilt and I will give it a good home.

Sonntag, 7. März 2010

Working On This And Working On That

Nothing special, I was working a bit on my treasure chest and a bit on my fishy quilt

I´m almost finished with the epoxy resin

and some handquilting here

End Of Winter Party

I went to the End of Winter party last night - it felt good to go out again and I had a blast there. Music was great, friends were great - perfect party night until I some dumb drunks have started a fight. I had nothing to do with it and all of a sudden out of nowhere I got hit in the face - I cant even tell who it was.......... oh well I got me some ice cubes for cooling my cheek. I already saw me going to the ice hockey game on sunday with an black eye  -> sunday morning cheek bone hurts, face is a bit swollen and head ache...... and lucky me no black eye!!!!

Samstag, 6. März 2010

Winter Is Back

After almost two weeks of spring weather and -feeling the snow sneaked back last night. There was NO snow when I went to bed arround 0:30 am...... but when I woke up around 7, snow piled up on my window sill. One good thing -> instead of being outside and cutting back trees I´m a couch potatoe for the day.

This is what the weather looked like yesterday around 5:30 pm

and this is what I saw this morning at 7.00 am

and a bit later

Montag, 1. März 2010

Full Moon

Probably the reason for the cold, snowy weather we have to expect on wednesday.

It was so nice to have temperatures in the high 40ies in the evening.......and now back to the cold again :-(

Pictureless Weekend

I havent took any pics this weekend..... Friday night I started working on my the flannel scrap quilt for my cat again. I use all the scraps I have left from the baby quilts I made.  Well it wont be a beauty but Bizkit loves flannel.

Saturday and Sunday it was too beautiful outside - sunny, warm, snow almost gone....... what else could I do besides working in the garden. I cut back 2,5 trees (well the 0,5 because I needed the big ladder for the rest but it was to windy to go up high on a tree yesterday)..... so 2,5 more trees to go. I started working in the greenhouse and I planted chilly-, tomato- and bell pepper seeds.

Last night I felt quite exhausted and didnt feel like to do anything more crafty.... but after 1 h or so on the couch I start getting bored and I got the fishy-quilt for some hand quilting...