Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Good Progress This Weekend

Sunday afternoon - good time to spend in my sewing room, even if there were carnival parades everwhere. I rather stayed at home to finish the top of my patriotic quilt out of the Birthday-Block-Swap 2009 at QLR

 I´m looking forward to layer the sandwich and start quilting.

Since I was done with this top in the afternoon - I started to applique the dinosaur on the toddler quilt - no pics here yet. First I thought I´ll applique some smaller dinosaurs on the border too but I changed my mind and I will quilt them in the border with a brown thread.

Samstag, 18. Februar 2012

FNSI February 2012 - Results

Here are my results of last night sewing - I really enjoyed spending time in my sewing room.

I still had to applique ten more stars for the border

Rocco loves weired sleeping places

too funny how he squeezed himself underneath the rack

wohooo I made it, ten more stars are appliqued - this makes a total of twenty

my not so favorite part of appliqueing is to remove the stabilizer afterwards

stabilizier removed and threads sewn in - yay!

 ten white and ten red rows are sewn together
 It was a few after 1 a.m when I went to bed. The progress of my project is ok but I´d wanted to do more - somehow the time went by way to fast........ or I´m getting slow - lol!

Montag, 13. Februar 2012

FNSI February 2012

Here we go again for a fun night this coming Friday - click the button and join the fun

I have to check on what I will do this coming Friday. It depends on how much time I´ll be able to spend sewing during this week.

Moritz - My Fabric Thief

I´m used to it having fabric scraps everywhere laying at the house because of Moritz. He steals them from my trashcan and plays with them for hours until they are chewed out. I throw a scrap and Moritz runs for it and brings it back to me so I can throw it again.

Moritz with some scraps.......

.... I thought.......

.... it were scraps....... but this little devil has stolen the strips of my cutting table

And yesterday he tried to take off with a FQ he got out of my was so funny how he pulled it all the way to door the of my sewing room

My Notebook Is Here

At the beginning of January I have ordered myself a new Notebook and it supposed to be delivered within 48 h. Delivery day was set for January 9th but UPS didnt show up. Well maybe the tour was too big and it will be delivered on Tuesday. UPS showed up but the guy just had the delivery not but NOT my notebook!!! I asked if the notebook was already delivered ?!? From my side came a  *sensored* NO....... two more days I got in touch with UPS, they told me to call dell - they have to report my notebook as lost. After waiting and making calls and waiting again......I finally got my notebook....... four weeks later as planned thats what you get when you want your stuff within 48 h.

and here it is.......

I´m all happy and its sooooo fast compared to my old one

Montag, 6. Februar 2012

Some More Stars

Saturday evening I didnt feel like sewing at all.  After a rough day - nothing better than a hot tub and some gooood coffee and you will feel like you be able to  take down trees..... ok maybe a bonsai......... ok maybe a blade of gras. It was enough energy to drag myself into my sewing room to applique some more stars

nontheless I still had some energy left to tease Moritz (scrap-lover) with some scraps of fabric

Quilting-Bee February

Last Friday we had our little quilting bee again at Mariannes. This time we had a newbe with us sewing - Kathi she is a colleague from Marianne and Angela. Kathi was all into sewing a cell-charging-pocket with the help of Marianne and after she was done she made herself a little mugrug.

we chatted

we sewed
 Angela is working on a baby quilt

Kathi is working on her cell-charging-pocket

we snacked
Marianne made some baguettes and a wonderful Tiramisu (was soooo yummieh)

here is Angelas baby quilt she is working on

this will be a clock made of fabric - Marianne finished it last weekend  - hopp over to her blog and check out the wonderful clock

this is another project Marianne is working on - I cant remember what its called but those pieces are all stitched together by hand and I tell ya it looks incredible in real

here is Kathi with her finished cell-charging-pocket - can you see how proud she is?!?!

oh yeah - and I did actually some sewing too - I cut and appliqued 9 stars on the blocks - they belong to my patriotic quilt

I think Kathi got infected with sewing - here she goes with a mugrug

with Mariannes help she finished it and can you see the big proud smile.......

............ Kathi even started talking about making a quilt....... yep...... she cought the quilting-virus - lol.

It was a wonderful evening and a big THANK YOU to Marianne for having this little quilting-bee at her place.

Four Forgotten Stars

I totally forgot about those stars I have sewn in December. They are for a great memeber of the QF , she had a big down in her privat life and hopefully they will cheer her a little bit up. And if all is being settled again she even might find some time for some sewing

Mittwoch, 1. Februar 2012

Patriotic And Dinosaurs

Those are the quilts I´m working on at the moment - Patriotic-quilt (ufo) and a dinosaurs-quilt

so far I´ve put the top together and still working on a border

This will be a dinosaur quilt - the blue and red fabrics are dinosaur themed

and in the middle I´d like to applique a big dinosaur (from Quilts & More Winter 2009). I think the brown will be ok for the "beast". I also wanna add some smaller dinosaurs on the green outer border.

the fabric has colored freckles on it and thats the only brown I have plenty in my stash - what do you think???

Just Cats

Bizkit was ignoring the new cat tree for quite a while but since the last 1.5 weeks I saw him more and more using it - yay!

I dont know why I was worried about that I havent thought about a XXL-sleeping platform - he squeezed his deluxe-body into the small box - good thing it has two holes :D

and it looks like he enjoys it

Rocco always needs to hide and squeezed himself into a paperbag

Working On My Old Anker Again

Its been quite a while since I worked on my aged beauty.............. well I´ve got some good energy boost and got the parts of my old Anker Sewing machine out.

the whole iron frame was rusty and the paint were mostly off

I checked the internet - how it suppose to look like and started coloring it (this part was done 1.5 years ago)

I also started painting and colouring this part - I´m not sure about the pedal what it suppose to look like. I still need to find a pic in the www.

Here is the sewing machine itself..... black paint is still good but needs to be cleaned (I can tell ya that is not too easy to find something that´ll work the right way) - the gold/silver decor is partly gone - I cant and wont replace that.

Oh and in the 1.5 years of not touching it - my "buddies" had great time to doing their mission.........

.... destroying  the board - sigh - it wasnt this bad when I saved the machine from being thrown away - oh well alot of extra work for me