Montag, 29. Juni 2009


Actually I should´ve worked on my memory-pillow but I decided to something total different. I was watering the veggie garden and saw that there are only a few strawberries left. Normally my Mom is in charge of making strawberry jam but this year she has her ups and downs with the recovering from breast cancer. Well, so I ended up with making us some strawberry jam and already enjoyed it for breakfast - I think it taste good, its the first time ever I made jam.

This should be plenty to share with my Mom. My Dad was the big jam lover, he needed at least triple as much as I made.

I need to hurry up!!!

I also worked a little bit on the memory-pillow for my Moms friend Paula. I finished the maschine quilting and I still want to quilt some hearts by hand into the cream rectangles. Paulas birthday is on June, 2 so I need to hurry up!!!

I like the quilting on the backside

I´m still thinking about if I put a zipper in or if I make a "hotelverschluss" (closing without zipper - I dont know what it´s called in english) - what do you think?!?


Yesterday I couldnt resist and start cleaning up my "new" treasure chest because I dont want to get my quilts dirty and I didnt like the black paint on the wood where they overpainted the edges from the metal fittings on the side of the chest. I can tell this thing is dirty - the water looked like I was wiping the street. But on the other side, the dirt made it look much nicer and now I defently have to do some work on it.

After wiping the chest off there are already different color nuancen to see

Yiiikes!!! That what it looks like after it dried - more work than I thought

Ascertainment of old stuff: Dont be so picky and leave the dirt on!!!

Freitag, 26. Juni 2009

Look what I bought!!!

My friend Diana went to a flea market last Sunday and I ask her to watch out for an wooden chest for me. In fact Diana called on Monday and told me that she saw one and gave me the ladys phone number so I could call her. I called the lady and ask if she still have the wooden chest and if I can look at it. Yesterday we drove to Dinkelsbühl - btw a beautiful city - to check on the chest and I bought it. Before, I was looking on the internet what price would be ok for a wooden chest and the amount she wanted was ok. While I was there the lady said it would be 200 years old but I dont think so - with my little knowledge I would say between 70 - 90 years. There are even worm holes in there - good so I dont have to drill them *lol*. I will work on the chest like clean and refresh the wood, get something for the wood worms and paint the metal fittings(?) and my treasure chest will be done. This will be my storage room for my quilts and future quilts. The size is 100 cm x 50 cm x 53 cm ( 39" x 19.5 " x 20.5")

Donnerstag, 25. Juni 2009

Linda & Henry look - I´m wearing your X-Mas gift

The shirt is the X-Mas gift of Linda & Henry and I told them I will post a pic when I wear it. Well I was wearing it before - but havent took a picture of it - sorry! Thanks again and hugs to you - I love the shirt.

Guess where they are from?!?

Couple years ago Linda & Henry were travelling around Germany and looking for Schmelzer relatives out of the family-tree. My Moms maiden name is Schmelzer and our trees are connected back in the 18. century. I´m so happy that we have met and still are in touch.

Unexpected belated Birthday present

Marianne came over for the BBQ and had something in a bag for me - a belated Birthday present. Belated because it was traveling with Nicole from the US and arrived June, 9. I already got a beautiful tablerunner made by Marianne and now she is giving me even more. There are some b/w-fabrics for my collection. Thanks alot Marianne and a big hug for you - here are the pics

How lovly they look - put together like a star

Look at those pretties

Mittwoch, 24. Juni 2009

BBQ with Nicole and Family

I invited Nicole + Family and Marianne over for a BBQ. Oh I love BBQ and especially since I have my own Weber-grill - I heat it up every week. Of course I had way too much food like always - I dont know, I guess I´m always afraid that my guests might go home hungry. Nicole and Leland brought baked beans (very yummy) and a water melon for dessert.

Getting ready to BBQ

Magpie-birds watch out - Big Bizkit is watching the food
The last couple of years we start having alot of magpies around here and its better not to leave your food unattended - it might be gone when you come back

left overs

My mom brought out a wooden puzzle - its called "Das Ei des Kolumbus" there are 9 different wooden pieces and you have to put it together so it will look like an egg

we all got busy trying to put it together - even the kids were helping

After a while we stopped without having the solution
Chiara said its very hard to do

Montag, 22. Juni 2009


Nicole, Leland, Isabell and Soren stopped by while they were for a walk through our little village. Chiara prefered to stay home with Oma and Opa - she always enjoys not going anywhere. Soren is such a cute little stinker and he makes a funny "Schnute" like he is going to cry when someone tells him "NO" but within seconds he has a smile back on his face.

Soren and me

Pillow-Top is almost done

Saturday morning 6.15 I got woken up after not even 5 h of sleep. Thanks to Bizkit - he wanted his breakfast and didnt really care what time I went to bed. It was already daylight outside and couldnt go back to sleep and I decided to take a huge pott of coffee and hopp into my sewing-room. And thats how far I got done with the pillow until it was time to take the horses outside.

Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2009

Photo Montage

Here are the pics I got from Paulas family. The first is this one where Sepp is looking a bit angry and on the second one Paula is looking somewhere else.

1. Pic

2. Pic

Montage - can you tell??

Idea for the pillow

Yesterday evening I tried to be creativ and worked on ideas for Paulas memory-pillow. I was playing around with paper and crayon - well I have EQ5 but to be honest I dont like to use it. So, while I was watching TV I tried different things and this is what I ended up with. Nothing complicated - just simple.......

this are the fabrics I will use

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2009

This will be a pillow - whenever I have an idea

- hopefully anytime soon!!!

My Moms friend Paula will celebrate her 75th Birthday on July, 2. We were thinking about what we will get her as an gift and I came up with the idea to make her a memory-pillow like my Moms. Paulas life partner died 2 month after my Dad and she always looked at my Moms memory pillow I made. The first hard part was to get some pictures with both on it - I actually got two (but same scene) from her family and made the best out of it. At the first pic Josef (Sepp) was looking a bit angry and at the other pic Paula looked somewhere else - so I made photo montage of those two pics and you barly cant see it on the regular size and not at all on the small one. Well - I think I did a good job *lol* and I also printed some angels because Paula loves angels.

Thats the pics and the poem from the obituary notice I will use (upper right side is the photo montage)

This are the colors I can use so the pillow would fit in Paulas living-room - hmm on the pic you cant actully see the color differences on the fabrics

All I need is an idea how to turn this into a pillow - what pattern I will use, aso......... ideas are welcome *hint-hint*

Bizkits Flannel quilt

Another part of Bizkits Scrappy Flannel quilt ist done. Dont blame me for the colors because I use whats left. I put the second paw print on with needle turn applique method - still not my thingy and zig zag stitched the rest of the letters.

This quilt will be a throw for Bizkits chair and this is the part for the seating surface(?)