Freitag, 27. Januar 2017

Saddle Rack

Over the years I got myself some saddles hmmmphhh five by now. They used to hang on racks at my home office..........but I needed the room and they had to go. Since we had the big rebuilding at the house the attic was still empty - perfect place for my saddles

and here is the little saddle rack for the fifth saddle which is normally at the barn

The racks are all made vom recycled wood I got from work.

 photo B5DA607FFBCDE63F0ECD6F6043FFD986_zpsz49hifu7.png

Sonntag, 22. Januar 2017

Bill Flowers For Some Birthdays

We had some birthdays coming up and they wanted the money because they were saving for some bigger things they wanna buy. I just dont like to put the bills in an envelope and hand it over. I searched the www........ and thats is what I came up with

 this flower for Heidi - a friend from the barn

 and this pot of flower we made for an aunts birthday


Freitag, 20. Januar 2017

Horse Tail Hair Bracelet

Oh boy I think it has been way too long since I blogged....... grrrrrr nothing works right here.......... hmmmm I hope with some practise I will get my routine back

This was the first bracelet I made out my horses tail hair

 and I made some more for my friends from their horses tail hair

All together I made about ten bracelets from tail hair - mostly for the horse owners birthdays and well I must say that they all were really excited about it.


Break Because I Got Bitten

 I got bitten by one of my cats because a stray cat sneaked into our house and Moritz had a big problem with it. I picked Moritz up to pass the stray cat with him on my arm.............. well picking him up infront of the stray cat was too much for his ego.......

I got hospitalized for a whole week including surgery.......... I denied to get a general anaesthetic - so I was wide awake, the surgery-team was really funny and they gave me two Ferrero Kuesschen, when I got rolled out of the operating room

(only continue looking if you have a stronger tummy)


Hello Blogger-World

Hey Peeps out there - well yeah I´m still alive! I hope you all are doing great - like I do. Live has been and still is crazy. I havent sewed alot since my last post - actually I only fixed some stuff. But I still have been crafty - I´m interested in sooooo many things I would like to try, to do, to learn.......... but the time is always so little.

The last few weeks I felt like I need to do some blogging again - and well here I am