Sonntag, 27. Januar 2013

Lots Of Sewing And A Finish

I was working like crazy on this quilt

I was sewing-in threads and before I left to go to Mariannes I sewed on the binding

sewing-in the rest of the threads, take the layering stitches out (what are they actually called???) and started to sew down the binding by hand on the backside.........

......... and some more sewing down the binding......... and voilá

FNSI Jan 2013 Results

I was so looking forward to spend the evening in my sewing room. I actually had to because I need this quilt done by Sunday.

finish the quilting was my goal for this evening/night

almost 3/4 of quilting were already done - so I should be able to finish it up at the FNSI
to bad that I couldnt catch it very good on the pics

1.30 am I was done with the quilting and more than ready to go to bed

Donnerstag, 24. Januar 2013

Waterpipe Got Fixed

Finally the bursted waterpipe got fixed yesterday. It was a pretty messy work - not for me but for the poor guys.

Decades ago the waterpipes where layed into concrete
(well really smart - especially when they burst). The guy from the watercompany and the building enterprise decided that is was easier to shut down the old pipe and lay an overground pipe.

digging the hole from the sidewalk towards the house 


and shutting down the water inflow towards my house

 replacing the ol´ waterpipe

at the late afternoon the whole work was done

..... and also inside

Now we can start to put everything back in place......... hopefully not everthing since there is lots of stuff which needs to go to the recycling......... if my Mom is willing to let the junk go - lol!

FNSI January 2013

Yep its here again and yep I have time to join the FNSI - I´m sooooo looking forward

Come and join the fun too!

Montag, 21. Januar 2013

Pendulum Clock

Pendulum clock........... another word I havent heard before.... pendulum. Well, my Grandmother got this clock as a wedding gift in 1935. She used to have it hanging in her kitchen and when we start rebuilding the house, the clock moved to the stairwell and now its hanging in my moms dining room. But since a view month the clock didnt work right anymore, it only runs for a minutes and then it just stopps. 

my uncle Helmut came over to help me to put the clock apart

some cleaning, dusting, oiling

and thats what was stucked between the cogs (I´m defently learning lots of new words today.... cogs)...... dont really know what this is but its kinda fish bone-like........ how in the world would a fish bone get stucked between a clocks cogs????

after some testing we  put the clock back together

and one happy girl is all excited about to have the clock running/ticking again.

Thanks for your help uncle Helmut!

Selfmade Cone Thread Holder

You need.......
a empty cd holder

a small iron bar

some propane (I scared the heck out of my neighbours with that - lol) to heat up the iron

some pliers to hold and bend the bar - be careful its HOT

a favorite uncle who taps the bar (is it really called "to tap"?)
thanks uncle Eckart

some screws and voilá my cone thread holder made by myself!

What´s Wrong With This Pic?

Hmmmm I would say it´s wrong that there is water coming out of the concrete floor in the basement.
That´s what kept me away from my sewing machine the last week - a bursted water pipe.

I called the water company, got a cost estimate from a building enterprise and one from the plumber......... called the insurance, cleared the basement and yayyyyyy wednesday they are going to fix the little river in my basement.

Freitag, 11. Januar 2013

Little Progress

The top is almost done - I don´t like it square, so I´m gonna "stretch" it by adding some more rows at the top and bottom.

and again.... just a peek

strips for adding the extra rows are cut

I don´t get alot done during the week (well neither at the weekends since I´m planned out with lots of other stuff) but little footsteps will lead me to an end (finish) also - right?

Donnerstag, 10. Januar 2013

I Want To Get In There!

Rocco always looks for a spot to hide and so many times he´s laying in the locker between the fabrics

He opened the door.... but this side isn´t good enough today

  the other side of the locker must be better

he thrown out the batting.... it might be easier then, to get on the other side

Poor Rocco gave up after 10 minutes and start taking a nap in front of the locker - lol!

A Roll Of Batting

Look what I´ve got delievered the other day  - a whole roll of batting. 50 m which is about 54 yards - looks like I can produce a few quilts this year - lol

Some Applique

I finished the appliqued blocks of this baby quilt - sorry just the backside - the parents may stop by here every know and then.

stabilizer scraps which I cut off the blocks