Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Black Thursday

Thats how the building of the recycling company I´m working for looks like regular (former engine shed of the rail company) and so it did May, 30 when I left my office

I got a call at 3 p.m the "my" company is on fire....... and thats how it looks like by now..... just a few hours later

 excavator loader

one of our trucks

even the fire departement of the US Army has been there

feeder band and behind it the big paler


A HUGE THANK YOU to all the firefighters, medics, red cross and all the other helpers for the amazing job they did and still doing
I hope they day tomorrow will be a bit brighter - time for bed, after my 20 h day - good night blogging world.

Montag, 28. Mai 2012

My Chill Corner

Last week I´ve painted my deckchairs in a brown tone and I love the way they look now!

I found the old barrel when I was cleaning out one of the shacks a few years ago. I kept it - just didn´t no what to use it for......... and now it will be my table at my chill corner. I just need to work on it a little bit so it looks all nice

Mittwoch, 23. Mai 2012

Hollandstoffmarkt (Dutch Fabric Market) In Fürth

Off to the Stoffmarkt with my friend Marianne. We took the train, so we dont have to worry about  where to park, because the space is rare and not too cheap either.

a good start for the Stoffmarkt - some champagne lol

in a good mood we arrived at the market, Marianne is already in fusible-/batting heaven  :D

we saw lots of wonderful fabrics, scrap cuts..... aso - and still,  prices need to be checked

I like this bag

and this will be a pleasure for me to get the "fabric" for it - hehehe - maybe not so my scale

on the way back to the train-station we saw those quilts and panels all hung up nicely

while waiting for the train....... digging in the bags

and here are my goodies

All I need is some more time to get back into sewing - sigh.............


My friend Nicole has a few of them and they are soooo comfy and of course I wanted to have some of those comfy chairs too. After some searching at www. I found some deckchairs and I ordered two with foot part. Thanks to the chicks from the stable :D they partly paid for them as a present.

the foot part added

the new owner added lol

I got two of them and still need to put some color on since I dont like it - light brown-orange-tone

Leaking Water-Pipe

Last winter we had a lonnnnng freezing period and alot of people start having problems with their water pipes in their houses. So do we, not with the water pipe in the house but with the one in the garden. When I turned the water back on for the garden......... I start having water at a unusual place......

I started digging to find the pipe

.... and for the extra fun some roots of the apple tree have crossed my way.

The leak is somewhere under the cobble stones - this means I have to take them out and replace the part of the pipe - sigh. So far I stopped working here because there is still this guy who needs to fix our fence and concrete column and needs to use this way....... I feel like he likes to find out how patient I will be.......... I tell you very soon there wont be any patience anymore.

"New" Roof For The Former Chicken Coop

Sorry no sewing post again :(

The roof tiles from the one side of the former chicken coop werent the best anymore (from 1957 and already used ones back then). I had a bunch of newer ones laying around so I have decided that the one side of the chicken coop will be retiled.

7.30 in the morning the tiles were off

sigh - now they need to be carried to the other side where the tractor was waiting to be loaded ........ 2.4 t of rubble I have loaded by hand (not just the tiles) - I guess I dont need to go to the gym the next few days :)

"open air"

can you tell that my uncle is seventy?!?

My nephew also stopped by to help me out - my woodworm.... ups I meant carpenter

There are still little things what need to be done - but my uncle stops by whenever he as time to complete the roof.

One thing is started and it brings so much extra work which you didnt relize before - sigh!


P.S. I wasnt just taking pictures - I was the loser who had to get and hand the tiles

Bee-House Completly Gone

Here we go again - long time, no post and no sewing! Still working myself around our little property. The second week in May the cement foundation finally got digged out. My Mom took the picutres - she really is not into digi-cams and I´ve heard some real funny stories about how she worked her way through to take some pics - lol!



Foundation is digged out and I have a nice place there, a small oasis where I can sit in the sun and chill......... can you see it???? No??? Me neither - lol - still looks like after a bomb-attack......does anyone know where I can rent a Genie???

Sonntag, 6. Mai 2012

Photoshoot With Candy Man

I havent taken any pics of Candy for month. Last Tuesday we had great weather and I decided to take my camera with me to the stables.
My crazy 19 year old horse