Sonntag, 30. Dezember 2012

Progress On My New Project

Stripes got cut and sewed together - all together I made 22 blocks! I still have to figure out about a applique on some of the blocks with the brown corners.

Cant wait to put the top together.

Happy stitichin!!!


I dont know how common is the "Strickliesel"  in other countrys but here in Germany it used to be very common... well at least when I was a kid. We knitted endless strings and made all kind of things out of it. I still use Strickliesel every now and then for making strings

My  "Strickliesel" - owned for a looooong time

I needed the string for a bag I´ve sewed a couple of days ago.

Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

My New Sewing Project

Wohoooo I´m back at the sewing machine and some fabric-therapy. Even the cats were in a hurry to run upstairs when they figured out where I was going to.

Love to play with my stash..... and here is what I picked out

2.5" wof stripes

I´ve emptied another spool of thread

I sewed the stripes together ......

...... its not alot of sewing but it has been a start........ maybe I´ll be able to spend some more hours at the sewing room, the next few days!

Another Pair Of Socks

My niece got one pair of knitted socks for Christmas and a coupon for a second pair.

Here is the beginning of the second pair.......

....... and I promise to take a pic of the finished socks - lol!

Sonntag, 23. Dezember 2012

X-Mas Present For My Sis´

I strolled through the forest to collect some bark - well since its winter here - cold, snowy, rainy........ there was no chance to find dry bark. I took the damp bark and dried it at home...... oh boy it smelled all moldy. I´ve ordered clear lacquer, clear plastic balls, silk fiber paper, light chain and some glue......... and started crafting..... crafting......... and some more crafting.......

and voíla here is the christmas present for my big sis

the light chain turned on......... the camera took it a bit brighter than it actually is

I´m going to make one for me too........... I bought plenty of those clear plastic balls so I can make some more...... I´m pretty sure that my Mom wants to have one too :)

Mad Caspar

After Halloween is before Halloween right????   I´ve seen the tut for this dude here - Mona has so many awesome ideas (check out for yourself) and I couldnt resist to make my own spooky Caspar-ghost.

 I bought fluid starch and digged for cheese cloth in the basement

its a bit messy, so I used a backing tin - still all starchy-wet with the arms fixed to the cabinet-door knob above - lol

it took almost three days until Caspar was all dried through

may I introduce you to "Mad Caspar"

I love my lil ghost and I´m sure I´ll make a second one.

Samstag, 15. Dezember 2012

Some Knitting

Yep..... I really started knitting again! This is a message I got from a girl - my niece Ramona. "Dear Santa - I only have one wish for Christmas - this would be a pair of knitted socks.

here is the beginning.

In the meantime I´m done with them - also with two twisted scarfs for my Mom........ bummer, but Í forgot to take  pics before I wrapped them.

Quilt Isabella Is Done

I also have finished the quilt Isabella...... its not my favorite one cause for my taste it turned out too flowery. But Isabella´s Grandma and Uncle love it and thats what matters.

its the first quilt, I gave away with some free motion quilting on it

I think I really like how it turned out.

Wooden Suitcase Is Done

I feel bad because I havent posted for a long time............ everything is just busy........ but I was working on this and that and even took pics. But I never found the time to overlook the pics and write some posts. So this is a good start to catch up.

this is what the wooden suitcase looked before

and after some treatments of sanding it off, wood worm bath, replacing parts, polishing the fittings, painting........ it looked like this

I love it how it turned out..........but sadly I cant find the right spot for it............

Dienstag, 13. November 2012

A New Cat Bed

This was a former plant pot - when I saw it I had a idea what else it could be
I did some cleaning and painting

and here is the new cat bed

 I still wanna make a fitting pillow after I´m done with the baby quilts.

What A Bulk Rubbish Found

Every now and then I find something in the bulk rubbish that I can use for something! But look what I found a couple weeks ago

a electrical Riccar sewing machine - no clue how old she is but defently not used a lot

the sewing machine works fine - just the light switch was broken

I searched the www. for a new one and acutally found a switch which would fit

I hooked up the switch and taaadaaaaa........ bummer the light wont work......

well the bulb didnt touch the metal inside the socket and after I fixed that....... finally.....

The same day when I found the Riccar I also found this Pfaff hobbymatic 800

she also works fine just needs a lil more cleaning in- and outside than the Riccar

It felt like Christmas to me.........two new-to-me sewing machines moved into my house.

Mittwoch, 31. Oktober 2012

Happy Halloween

to all of you