Donnerstag, 27. Mai 2010

Sometimes I´m Still A Little Girl.....

..... I buy cookies in a tin because of the tin. Nope nothing retro or old looking.......just girlie......

But hey I picked red and not pink and I have  an excuse for it - I really needed it for some of my quilting/sewing notions - lol

New Stencils Have Arrived

Sometimes its terrible when you have time to browse through the www. checking out online-shops and find sales you cant resist. So here with the stencils.......

Montag, 24. Mai 2010

Tablerunner Is Done

I have finally finished my tablerunner! It took me much longer then I have thought - but the gardening season has started and it means much less time for sewing.

So here it is! I did alot of detail quilting but sadly you cant really see it on the front

Bizkit - he always needs his paws on - lol

a close up of my free motion quiliting..... its accaptable for the first time but far away from good. I defently need to practise way more. 

Back On The Bike

It has been quite a while since I was cruising around with my road bike...... no time, too busy and other stuff had priority.   But today....I couldn´t resist to hook up my bike and going for a little tour. So - after a year I was back on the bike again.....23 km in 1 h  3 min. Not too bad for the beginning and the wind we had.

Dienstag, 18. Mai 2010

Rosie Is Here!!!

I finally got the fabric - .... Rosie The Quilter.....yeahhhhhh! When I ordered them the first time, I guess two years ago - they were sold out and the online-shop mailed me the pink collection instead.... without asking. I emailed them - but never got an answer....... the pink collection isn´t ugly.... it´s pink - a color I haven´t expected at all. About 4 weeks ago I found another online store with the regular Rosie-panel..... they had acceptable international shipping rates, so I have ordered "Rosie".....

..... and here she is!!! I´m so excited..... lol

Montag, 17. Mai 2010

My Assistent ;-)

Yesterday evening while I was watching icehockey I started to sew on my binding on my tablerunner. It took only a few minutes until my assistent was laying and snoring right next to me on the tablerunner.

Sometimes its just too funny........

Samstag, 15. Mai 2010

What A Nice Car ;-)

Yesterday I saw a great car at my company. It was sold and needed to be scaled before it crosses the border. Normally I got to see really nice and rare oldtimer/replica but not this time.......

........Yep a Hummer stretch limo..........

I asked this guy if I´m allowed to look inside....WOW - leather seats, little cuddle couch, laser-sound-system, aso..........I felt like I´m in a mini club. 

And if you wondering where I´m working...... recycling-waste company.......... and we have scale for trucks and cars........

Mittwoch, 12. Mai 2010

Montag, 10. Mai 2010

Quilt Rack Aka Towel Rack By Ikea

Steffi - a member of the PQF posted a pic of her new "quilt rack" a couple of month ago. How cool and with the trip to the Holland Stoff-Markt I also stopped at Ikea to get me one too.

I love Ikea - just sometimes when you built the stuff together - it could get kinda complicated and I get quite mad about them - like this time..... cheap allen screws..... at the end I had to use a hacksaw and a driller to built this rack together.

finally done!!!!

Last night I kept on quilting my table-runner. I did partly some free motion quilting - well for the first time I can accept the results. Its not too bad but far away from good -> way more practising

Holland Stoff-Markt And IKEA

Saturday I went to the Holland Stoff-Markt (fabric-market) in Fürth followed by a stop at IKEA. The Stoff-Markt was quite crowded by the time I have arrived there - hmmm maybe already a lil bit too much for myself. Fabrics and notions... a whole market..... this must be heaven - lol. Later on I met Micha & Andi -they went fabric-shopping also and had a few bags with some treasures. Anyway íf you are into sewing - its worth stopping by the Holland Stoff-Markt

Thats the only pic I made at the market - I didnt feel like running around with my camera.

and this is the stuff I brought home from the market-Ikea trip - some fabrics, two pillows, two candles, zick-zack sciccors and a quilt rack aka towel rack

My Morning Wake Up

Normally I will get woken up by some doves..... almost every morning. But not on Sunday morning - after I got up thats what I saw when I looked out of the window. Only one dove sitting in the tree and it seams like its looking for its partner for their daily morning duett.

Curtains And Presents

Wow I´m good - within 6 month after remodeling my kitchen I found curtains. Normally it takes me forever to find curtains or lights I like. Well at least this long so people would say that I wont need them anymore - because I will remodel the room again any time soon - lol.  Well I wanted them a bit bigger but they only had one size of width - oh well deal with what you have.  I hung them up - I think I can live with those curtains

One thing I dont like is the "naked" look on the left side of each window - idea needed. I also need to find or make something to hold the curtains back - so far its just a wool-string.... lol.

and here is a pic of my presents I received for my birthday.... those metal "Coffee" signs I bought myself, they also fit perfectly into the kitchen.