Mittwoch, 28. Oktober 2009

Some Cleaning Out

I was cleaning out my locker with crafting and computer stuff. I barely craft or take pc apart anymore. So some of this stuff went straight into the trash. But I also found some treasures with personal memories........ those went back into the locker

This sign was made by my friend Nicole when I moved in my room underneath the roof....... almost decades ago

its such a cute drawing

I also found the "Hochzeitszeitung" of Kerstin & Mikes Wedding - its a german tradition (pics and a bit about their lifes, some jokes and how they met)

Dienstag, 27. Oktober 2009

My New Favorite Pic

My friend Nicole has just posted a pic of me and her daughter Chiara which she took last August. I guess its my new favorite pic. Here it is

stolen from Nicole´s site

Nicole is such a talented photographer - has always an eye for a good pic. If you ever get the chance to take a foto session with her......... take it!!!

More Halloween

From this

to that

Last night I started to carve my pumpkin to put it outside next to the garden path. The face turned out a bit crooked but who cares......... its Halloween and it suppose to look like this

placed outside

and lighten up...... boohoooo how scary *lol*

and this is for the freezer until I´m back from vacation to make some yumieh soup and bread and cake and and and....

Montag, 26. Oktober 2009

FarmVille - Neighbour request

Is anyone out there and still needs a farming neighbour??? Well I do - if anyone is interested please email me.

P.S. Yes - I´m into farmville also and I like to play this game during my lunch break

I´m Ready For Halloween

My doorhanging is finished and whoohooooo before Halloween - never thought that it would happend after my non clue how to quilt it problems. There it is......... ready to be hung on the door.

This is my last posting about sewing and quilting til end of November. I leave on November 4th for vacation and til then I will just fixing some stuff.

Mittwoch, 21. Oktober 2009

Bizkit Needs Some Love

Last night I started quilting my doorhanging - diagonally like Dandelion suggested and I had it in my mind too. Two people same idea - this must be it...............still the doorhanging dont wont to be finished before Halloween - when I started quilting thread tension didnt work like it suppose to and seam ripper was my best friend....... again...........grrrrrrr! Finally the tension worked, not all they way perfect but oh well I can overlook it. When I was sewing in the threads Bizkit decided that he needs some love and petting and after some meowing and no reaction from my side he jumped on the irion board and laid down on the doorhanging

Of course I didnt have my camera with me - but my cell phone worked also.

Sonntag, 18. Oktober 2009

I Dont Know How To Quilt It

This year I wouldve almost made it to get a Halloween doorhaning done in time and now............ I have no clue how to quilt it. I would love to have the free space free motion quilted....... which I had started and ripped it again because I´m to stupid for it - there where some good parts but the rest - oh boy! I borrowed a pattern from Marianne to mark it and handquilt it and somehow I already screwed up the marking. It seems like the doorhanging doesnt wont to be done before Halloween and I´m quite frustrated and it looks like I need to take a creativity break.............

Freitag, 16. Oktober 2009

The Kitchen Floor Is In

Last night I cut in my new kitchen floor - its not that I havent done it before.......... it was the first time I did it without the help of my Dad. And of course I almost miscut it on a place where you could see it...........but the ledge (well I dont know what it is called - the metall thingy you cover up where two floors edges touch each other) covers it and I did a pretty good job with the rest.

The floor looks great and probably much better on the pic if I wouldve taken it with daylight

Anyways - I cant wait to get rid of my mess in my appartement since some of my kitchen funiture are stuffed in the other rooms.

Is It Already Winter???

Its been quite cold for a couple of days - to cold for October. Candy Man already got his winter-blanket when he is outside, Bizkit prefers to stay in all day and getting on my nerves because he is bored and now it started snowing yesterday afternoon. 1.5 weeks ago we had temperatures around 76 F wearing shirts and shorts and now the weather went straight to winter

It starts flaking(?) after I got off work

cold enough that the flakes wont melt

and that´s what it looks like after I got home from the stable

Hmmmm where did autumn go - have I missed it - where were I?!?!

Its been years or a decade since we had snow in the middle of October

Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2009

My New One

Tuesday I went to my LTS (local Tattoo studio) and this is what I got

I took this pic 3 h later

1.5 days later

Its not easy to take a pic of myself from behind. This is my third tattoo and after I´m back home from vacation I will have my 15 year old tattoo refreshed

Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Postcard In The Mail

Letzte Woche war eine wunderschöne Dankes-Postkarte mit ein paar lieben Worten im Briefkasten von Lina Sophies Mom und grossen Schwester. Ich war total überrascht und hab mich sehr darüber gefreut mit ein paar feuchten Augen. Lina Sophies Mom bekam einen Erinnerungsquilt an dem ich auch ein paar Blöckchen genäht habe - es gibt auch eine HP über Lina Sophies Lebenslauf.

Ich wünsche Lina Sophies Mom und grossen Schwester weiterhin alles Gute und viel Kraft.

My Weekend Sewing

I actually wanted to have the wallhanging done after the weekend - but oh well it always comes different. But at least I´m finished with the applique part and the layers are pinned together - I would like to quilt spider webs......

.......will see how much time I will have for sewing this week.

Some More Painting In The Kitchen

This weekend I did some decoration painting in the kitchen. At the beginning I wanted to paint the whole kitchen in a coffee-cappucchino-color, but when it came to it I tended to a light wall and like always I ended up with white. White and naked which I didnt like either and this is what it looks right now.



most part is done

Well - my Mom said when she saw the sketch on a piece of paper - "I dont know if I wanna look at this all the time". She only has one choice - dont visit me at my appartement then.

Bizkits dining area *lol*

Last night I moved the fridge and cabinet back in the hallway so I can rip out the old kitchen floos. The new one will be delivered on Tuesday. I know I can cut in the new floor - but I´m kinda scared too - it´s the first time I do it without the help of my Dad and dealing with 16 sqm - oh boy!!!! I´m not sure if the room is in square (hope its said right).......

The decoration painting of the other side will be done after the corner seat is back in the kitchen.

Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2009

Old Car

Today was this guy here again who is in business with old cars (original or replica). And that´s what was an the scale today

Jaguar Classic Roadster 1939

I love to look at those old cars, have a look inside and maybe to have a seat in it for a moment.

Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Halloween Door Hanging

Every year I would like to make a halloween doorhanging for myself and every year Halloween passed and I still havent made one. Well, no problem after Halloween is before Halloween and I will be able to have a doorhanging next year....... But who is thinking about Halloween in winter and spring.......... defently not me. Mid of September I finally started to work on the doorhanging and the chances are good to have it done.

I made the pattern out of a pic

I also have one doorhanging kit ordered in August and it just got delivered - oh well, this will be the project for Halloween 2010 *lol*.

Baby Quilts Are Done

Couple weeks ago Frau Heller asked me if I have time to make a quilt for her newborn granddaughter Sophie for Christmas. Well I said yes and she even has picked the fabrics

The next granddaughter Amelie was born 4 weeks later and Frau Heller actually didnt wont me to ask for a 2nd quilt, because I´m on vacation in November and wouldnt have the time. She new that I had one flannel baby quilt finished on stash an one waiting to be quilted, so she asked me if she could have those two instead. Well yeah why not - and I finished the pink one last night and here are those baby quilts for Sophie and Amelie

(I was going to donate this quilt for charity because I didnt like it a 100 % - but Frau Heller fell in love with this one)

Welcome to the world little Sophie and Amelie