Sonntag, 29. August 2010

Bizkit On His Quilt

Last night I was working on Bizkits Quilt! After some quilting I laid it down on the floor to have a look if I missed a spot. I couldnt really check on the quilting because the owner to be did some test sleeping/chillin on it.

He got quite mad when I tried to get him off this quilt - lol!

Threads, Threads And Threads

Couple days ago I got asked from my Moms Friends daughter if I could use more threads because she got alot and cant use it all. Of course - threads are always a welcome and a good addition to those I have.

There are even thicker ones in there - I can use those perfectly for some stitchery

Mittwoch, 25. August 2010

Practising Free Motion Quilting On Bizkits Quilt

I´m practising some more free motion quilting - its the first time that I had to squeeze a big quilt underneath my machine..........believe me or not...... the machine could smell my fear! I practise on a sample piece before I got to the quilt - it worked great on the sample piece - which were kinda small and I screwed up when it came to the quilt and the BIG bulk of fabric.....  the seam ripper became my best friend and I got quite frustrated..... I talked about it at QF-forum and I got some good advise from the other gals..........took a break and tried again and all of a sudden it worked. Well it doesn´t look perfect but it was a push in the right direction.

Evening Sky

Doesn´t it look like the sky is on fire?!?! That´s how my camera cought the colors - no photo shop done!

Donnerstag, 19. August 2010

Brown Bag Quilt Contest!!!

Doesnt it sound like fun??? I´m sure it will be alot of fun. Stash Manicure is hosting this swap/contest - it´s pretty easy you sent to another participant four 1/2 yard cuts of fabric, 8 fat quaters or a total of 2 yds. (Nice, clean, smoke-free, pet-free, quilting fabric preferably from your stash.) - so it´s the chance to get rid of some of your "ugly" fabric. When your brown bag arrives construct a quilt using 90 % of the brown-bag-fabric. You can add fabric from your stash or some you just bought + you can keep this quilt. For more infos head to Stash Manicure - registration will be open until August 30, 2010


Montag, 16. August 2010

A Bit Of Sewing

There are not many pics about finished things lately. Its because I started quilting the scrappy flannel quilt and I take my time for this. But there is one small quilty thing I have made last week. Its a little friendship-bag as an surprise for a member out of  the PQF.

But I have to slow down the quilting because I really need to work on another bigger project and that needs to be done by mid of November

Bye Bye To My Old Car

Saturday I got my old Focus sold. I drove this car since 2000 and I never had major problems with it until last year. I have spent quite some money to get it fixed .... and now more things need to be fixed. Hmmm I thought about if I invest the next big amount of money into an old car and still have a old car - or if I use the money to add it to an down-payment for a "new" (8 month) car. Well - my new car is on its way......until I get it I have a rental car from my Ford-dealer

Mittwoch, 11. August 2010

Rescued This Little Critter

Miaow... Miaow...... a weired miaowing which normally says "Hey I brought you a present" .... dead, alive or just leftovers! This time Minzie, the office-cat  brought me a present

This poor little guy got a bit hurt - but hopefully he will make it!!

Dienstag, 3. August 2010

Bizkits Top Is Sandwiched

One of the last nights I sandwiched the layers of Bizkits quilt...

and I found out that I need another pack of safty pins since two quilts are layered - I run out of them

leftovers for the back too ...... well bigger left overs :-)

So before I start quilting .... I need to clean up my sewing room...........somehow it got totally messy .......I always wonder how it happens - I clean up and with one fingersnip the mess is back  - lol!

Happy stitchin!!

Sneggele And Basket For Nicole

A bit over a month ago I mailed out Nicoles birthday-present........sigh.... late like always but at least the postcard made it on time. The package finally made it to Nicoles house!
I knew that Nicoles Mom made her a tablerunner out of some coffee-fabrics which I have also......... so I made her an little basket and a sneggele out of the same fabrics


...... needs pillows and a quilt for its looong journey to TX

packed up and ready to go!

and here is the little basket