Dienstag, 29. September 2009

Am I Crazy???

YES!!!! I just finished a friendship bag for a swap at PQF - even before the registration is closed - because my time in October is limited and I leave for vacation in November.

I saw this banner a couple of days ago...........

Fall-Inspired Mini Quilt Swap

....... and what did I do today........... joined the swap. The good thing deadline is January 18th, 2010 - I think this should give me enough time for a mini quilt after I get back home.

HELP - I guess the swap bug cought me!!

Montag, 28. September 2009

The Next Swap

Well I showed my friendship bag I swaped at PQF and some of the quilting gals liked it so much that they started a swap also. I thought about joining it for a couple of days because I leave for vication on Nov. 4th and I still have so much stuff to do. Oh well - what you have nights for - you don´t sleep you sit infront of you sewing machine and sew a bag for the next swap. Tadaaa and here it is

Well yeah the pic quality is not the best - but it was in the middle of the night and my light is not the brightest! I think the bag turned out cute, I used brown faux leather for the bottom + handle


Saturday night when I was sitting in my sewing room to sew on some binding - I cought an intruder roping down right infront of my nose and landing on my thumb.

Sorry for those lousy pics - but I had to be fast to catch the intruder on a pic so I could report it to the police *lol*.

Well, since autumn has arrived I´m afraid I will have some more of them the next couple of weeks - however they find their way inside.

Friendship Bag Has Arrived

Last Friday when I got home from work - I found this package in my mailbox. Its from Judy from the sunny state Florida. Totally exited I ran upstairs to open it

I felt like Christmas

A letter where Judy told me a little bit about herself

The beautiful friendship bag - I love it. The pink and the flamigos represents defently Florida, the black and white fabric car-racing in Daytona

this little book with great sayings in it, handwritten

some very pretty batics (I love batics)

an adorable wallhanging - beach, ocean and sunset sky - I already feel like I´m in Florida. This wallhanging will get a special place in my sewing-room

christmas-panel with labels on it

This kit for a summer tote of Lazy Girl Designs

a ATC and a very lovely doll

and thats it all in one pic

Judy - thank you so much for the package with all those goodies. You spend so much time and money in making and buying all those pretty things. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - I defently felt like its already been Christmas.

Quilt Contest - Please Vote

Couple posts ago I showed a pic of my Dads Bird quilt and told you that I turned it in for competition. Well - now its voting time - please vote for that quilt you think its the prettiest.

Natures Best Quilt Contest

Montag, 21. September 2009

Its a Candy Post

I havent taken any pics of Candy Man for quite a while - so, here are some of him taken last Sunday at the summer pasture.

morning sport - ear stretching

damn flies in my ears

My New Project

Thats what I have started Saturday night - I did some hand quilting and after a while I felt like to doing something else. So I picked some fabric out of my stash an thats what it looks so far

Progress Of My Kitchen

Saturday I was busy with working in my kitchen. The wallpapers are on and I still dont know what color and style I will paint it - bummer



Frienship Bag Almost Ready To Mail Out

Thats the friendship bag I made for my swap partner - its almost ready to mail. Just need to get one more goody to fill out the box. I hope my swap partner will like it - psstt cant say the name, its secret.

Thats a mini pincushion I made out of a thimble

the packed up friendship bag

My Dad´s Bird-Quilt Is Done

July 2008 I have started with this quilt - it supposed to be my Dads birthday present in December 2008. He loves birds and was spending hours to watch the birds at the bird feeder, listening to their chirping aso.

August 25th, 2008 my Dad has died after a 5 month hospital stay. I thought about what am I going to do with this started quilt and I have decided to finish it. In January 2009 I start working on this quilt again and sometimes it was a bit emotional for me. The last stitch was made last Wednesday, the size is 63" x 94 "- I´m sure my Dad would´ve love this quilt and I´m sure that his eyes would´ve been watery also.

(Somehow I can´t get a good picture of this quilt)

That´s how I fixed my snip in at the backing fabric. Carla came up with the idea to use fabric glue (thanks for the tip) and actually put a label on it - I used a patch of the backing fabric

and I still had the guts to enter this contest - it was good that I havent seen all the beautiful quilts of the contestants before - I would´ve chicken out

Natures Best Quilt Contest

Montag, 14. September 2009

Butterfly Rescue

I was on my way back to the house when something dark inside the hyetometer (is it called like this? This thing were you measure how much it has rained?). I stopped an looked and saw an butterfly traped in this rain-measure-thingy and there was a bit of water in there - enough for this butterfly to drown. I got him out with some shaking and this poor thing was so exhausted that he was sitting on my hand for at least 5 minutes - he flew off and landed again, got some more rest before he finally took off. So here is a pic of this beautiful butterfly I guess they are called peacock butterfly (german: Tagpfauenauge)

Friendship Bag Swap

Woohooo I finally managed it with all my projects - sewing and non-sewing - to get this little bag for the swap done. I think it turned out soooo cute - but I guess it´s because of the size - I already saw some of the other gals in the flickr-group and they are all sooooo cute. I used fabrics from my Dads bird quilt and its a outdoorsy little bag with some denim fabric as bottom and handle. I defently need to make one for myself to keep and like always in original it looks much much better than on the pic

Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Some Hand Sewing

That´s what I´m working on the last couple of days (besides working on my kitchen) - the binding of my Dads bird-quilt. The binding is sewed on via machine on the front and on the backing by hand - well its alot more work by hand but I like it much more this way. 3 yrds are done and 5 more to go

I also made a horrible discovery while sewing on the binding - I saw that I have snipped in the backing fabric on accident when I was sewing in the threads from quilting. Ahhhhhh how am I going to fix that?!?!