Freitag, 29. Juli 2011

Scrap Thief Moritz

Latly I keep picking up scraps all over my house...... now I know why - I have a scrap thief living underneath my roof.

Moritz - caught in the act - lol!

Freitag, 22. Juli 2011

FNSI Is Here

and after a long day I´m getting ready to hopp into my sewing room

my personal "dope"

I need to do some more quilting at this quilt

oh yeah....never leave your sewing machine unattended..... cause two little rats aka Moritz and Rocco might stealing the thread of my machine and start tangling it. After screaming and yelling, the rats have disappeared.....

I wonder where they are?!?!

Got cant hide..... I always find the criminals

some quilting got done - just not as much as I wanted to - but oh well

Time for bed....... good night blogging world

Bomb Attack In Norway

Thats terrible - I dont know what to say.......

my thoughts and prayers are with the dead and injured people and their family

Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011


the upcoming Friday is the FNSI July so hurry up and sign in

Handmade by Heidi

This will be defently some fun again!

Montag, 18. Juli 2011

"We Can Do It" - Rosie the Riveter

Remember the lunch-box, the cup, the fabric I have from Rosie - I added something new to this collection

Nicoles Mom showed me a advertising from a store and pointed out this thermometer..........and of course I had to buy it...... its the first time I bought something about Rosie in Germany!

Hanna Has Arrived

This means I finally have a name to applique on the quilt I´ve started a while ago - well and hopefully I can finish it asap.

Name is already appliqued on and the layers are sandwiched...... ready to quilt.......

Welcome to the world little Hanna - may god bless you and your parents.

KAM snaps

Two month ago Nicole told me something about KAMsnaps .........nope I think I dont need something like this!!!! Nicoles Mom brought some home and sometimes you have to "look" with you fingers ...... well this "I dont need those" turned into a "hmmmmm they are not that bad" - lol. While I stayed with Nicole, she showed me her KAMsnaps and what she used them for - and again "they are not that bad". I ´ve started paying attention to KAMsnaps..... I´ve to tell you... they are used everywhere...... my pants, Nicoles Mom said that they were even used in her little greenhouse, my raincoat for the stable....aso........ well I´m weak

Here are my "I think I dont need those" KAMsnaps - lol

Mittwoch, 13. Juli 2011

Danke Nicole.... ist definitiv zuviel Wasser zwischen unseren Wohnorten :(

LQS - Local Quilt Store

A place - Nicoles knows I´d love to stop by.

I love this little store and the staff is always so friendly

while we were playing with the fabrics - Soren was playing with his Nintendo DS

Lucky - the Store Manager

Offside Riverwalk

There are also alot of great things to see offside the Riverwalk. I think the Alamo is a must see while you are in San Antonio......

The Alamo (link to Wiki)

The Trolleys are the easiest way to get to the sightseeing stops

Linda, Henry and I  - had breakfast there - we waited ca. 45 min. to get a table. While waiting we took the tour through the little museum and the shop

Mexican soldier (link to Wiki)

This horse sculpture we have seen at the spain maket - somehow it reminds me at Ansbachs Anscavallo...... I´m not sure which horse I like better - lol
I like this wall picture alot

The building reminds me a bit on France or Spain

So not Europe - lol!

(link to Wiki - I havent known how great the building looks in the dark)

I like the bulding not because there´s McDonalds inside - lol 

Hard Rock Café

too bad it was 8.30 am - hahaha

There is way more to see in San Antonio and I think it´s a bit more fun strolling around when it is not this hot outside.