Sonntag, 17. Februar 2013

Rustic Rack

Thats something I´ve seen on Pinterest. I got those boxes from work and painted them in a rustic way.

after painting and drying I put the boxes together - just two of them cause the third had a different size.

Moritz is checking out if I did a proper job - lol

Surpise Mail

Look what I found in my mailbox the other day.

Those green beauties are from Ottilie - as a "Thank you" from her for a pattern I mailed her.

THANK YOU Ottilie for the green beauties but there was no need to do it :)

Some More Work On The X-mas Tree Blocks

The last week I kept on working on my x-mas tree quilt. I laid out the blocks and strips to see what the top will look like....... and I must admit, that I already looove it

with each block I got an extra strip of that fabric the block was made from but for the striped blocks they werent enough and I had to use some from my red stash.

the first two rows are sewn together and of course parts of the cats had to be on the picture also  :)

I trimmed the blocks

and finished sewing the blocks together

color I picked for sashing

for my taste the width was too small so I added an extra row on each side before sewing on the sashing.
Wohoooo - I sooooo love it. 

Borders still need to be added - hopefully sometime this week!

Montag, 11. Februar 2013

Ammo Transportation Box

Well, I had to google what this box was used for. All I knew was that its a leftover from/while/during/after WWII - I had it at home for quite a while and now found some time to work on it. The box is made from oak outside, hot galvanized plate (I think) inside and in a real good condition.

I washed the dirt/dust off

I´ve to wait until it dried off to do some oil-treatment and to find a good place to put it.

Thats What I Got ..........

for going into the sewing room real fast to applique some tree trunks on the x-mas-tree-blocks - real fast

this thread didn´t tear off, the machine had a good grip with the zigzag-stitch (thinking about now - maybe too good - lol) and it looked good.......

....but I havent noticed at all that I accidently appliqued two blocks together......

.... ahhhhhhh well yeah I was wondering once that one seam seemed to be pretty thick when I appliqued over..........but it never came into my mind that I was appliqueing two blocks together  - oh well - seam ripper and I are best friends :)

Oh and btw - all the blocks are finally appliqued, threads sewn-in and stabilizer teared off.

Thread Keeps Tearing Off - Grrrrr!

Do you know those moments when you are all excited to work on a project and it keeps causing you problems? So here - I was all excited about to keep on appliqueing the stars on the x-mas-Tree blocks...

....the first three stars were all good and then it made poof

.... and the thread keeps tearing off.......

and it kept on going like this.

I´ve unthreaded the machine, I cleand the machine with a brush and "Dust-Off" aso. Oh, it made me mad (as more teared off thread I have - as more thread I have to sew in - grrrrr) and I stopped appliqueing. The next evening the same problem.........ahhhhhh..........and many unthreadening and dusting the machine later, I finally figured out that the thread is real sensitiv by going with a faster speed - its not like I pushed the pedal to the ground I would say a normal speed I always use. Oh well but the real slow speed made the thread happy. Hmmm, me on one side too because it stopped tearing off but on the other side it took me forever to get all the stars done.

More Batting Scraps

While I was stuffing my X-mas trees I run out of batting scraps - well I still have a huge bag of wadding to use. But my quilting friend Emma offered me a bag of batting scraps she wanted to get rid off.


There are still pieces in there - big enough to make something out of them besides using them as scraps. I already have a idea to make you something in return ;)

I Got My Stamp

Since I have Labels with "Made by Karin Sauer", "BIZKITEA98", some with my address - I have decided it was about time to have my own little stamp.

Nothing fancy, a small little stamp  1,5" x 3/8" (4 cm x 1 cm). And complements to the company they delivered within 24 h, I was pretty surprised because I havent set an express-order.

Sonntag, 3. Februar 2013

X-Mas Tree Blocks - Finally Back Out

Those blocks has been put aside right after I received them. They are from a swap with wonderful ladies of Quilter´s last Resort
I started appliqueing the trees and signed the name of the lady which made the block.

as soon as I laid down some tree appliqued blocks, Bizkit got up from his napping place and headed towards the blocks.

I wanna finish the top before I have to start with the next baby-quilt I have an order for.

Side Table Founds Its New Job

Thats a old side table - when I was a child I had it in my room and with me getting older that table moved to the attic and had a unthankful life there
I took it to the basement, put it apart, sandpapered it, wood worm treaten it and some did some painting.
All I need is to put it back together

thats the corner of my sewing which will be pimped with the side table

so I hope that my TV will work a bit longer cause those flaties wont fit real good on this table.

Stuffing X-Mas Trees

Those X-Mas trees has been ufos for at least two years. Well, after X-mas is before X-mas and after I was done with  Baby Tim´s quilt I thought its about time to work on some of my older projects
I keep alls the scraps of leftover/cut off batting to use as stuffing
so lets see how far I will come with this bag of batting scraps

ups - after the second tree the bag was empty

it always amazes me how much disappears in those stuffing projects :)
I still will finish the third one - because I have almost 2 kg of wadding  I can use for the last tree.

Selfmade Labels

A looooong time ago I bought those stamps at Joanns and got lost in my stuff, well not really lost but put aside to be ignored

a few weeks ago, I finally ordered some fabric colors
and must say its quite some fun to stamp some fabric - lol
here are some of my going to be labels