Samstag, 27. November 2010


for one of my best friends - Hans - Happy belated Birthday! I hope you will like the quilt - thanks for being one of my best friends since over 16 years.

The quilt is 68" x 78" - I planned to make it since over two years! Got the pattern, got the fabrics........ well and when do I start to work on this quilt.......8 weeks before I needed it -grrrrrr! And of course I didn´t manage it to be done on time,  run out of fabrics ordered some more, waited for them to arrive (lots of thanks to Nicole) - so I´m two weeks late now - but oh well - I think this quilt is worth of waiting another two weeks........I´m looking so forward to Hans´ reaction! Btw I used the colors matching our icehockey team.

Freitag, 26. November 2010

Winter Has Arrived!!!

Last night before I went to bed it has started to snow...... really slow and itsy bitsy tiny flakes......... but they must have getting bigger during the night.....

we got aroud 3.5" of snow

some leftovers from fall

I love snow - I just dont like the shoveling in the morning before I go to work. The driving was ok - no major bad traffic ....... hmmm look like the folks have finally learned how to drive on snowy roads!!!!

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

Surprise-Package From Hobbyhoekje

Last week, some ladies at PQF were chatting about Hobbyhoekje and the surpise package they are offering for € 39,50. It will include 6 m fabrics, a quilting book, notions and a ruler (btw a real good price for Germany). I love surprises and I love almost every fabric..... so I thought it wouldn´t be such a risk to order the package.  A couple days later..........

the package has arrived

woohoo look... cotton batting crib size, batiks, glass pearls, quilting needles, stencil, ruler and a quilting book

I´m totally excited with what I have received from Hobbyhoekje........ thanks alot!

Goodie-Mail from France

Last weekend I have received an surprise mail from France. Martine my swap partner out of the candle mat swap surprised me with a french quilting magazine and a card with some infos about the place were she is living - thanks alot Martine - that was so generous from you.

Its a great quilting magazine and look at the postcard - looks like a great area Martine is living in.

Freitag, 19. November 2010

Binding, Binding, Binding

My secret project is almost done wohoooo! I´m sewing on the binding on the backside by hand...... 4.5 yrds done another 4.5 yrds to go...... hopefully  - hopefully I will be done by this weekend and can get nicly wrapped up to be handed over to its new owner sometime soon.

Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

I´m Still Alive!!!

I´m here!

I´m still alive!

And I´m still sewing!

Lately I´m pretty busy with job, horse, sick cats and a quilt-project I have time pressure on. I´m already at the quilting part but it takes time like everything else. Hopefully I will finish the project by this weekend.

Bizkit and Moritz start getting closer and acutally spending some time together with playing. Maybe in a year or so - they will sleep together on the same blanket....... at least I keep this dream in my mind - lol.

Last week I had a MRT of my shoulder - wow - I had the feeling I was burried alive - and it was the first time I was glad I took yoga-class - I think it helped me to get through the 30 min of being burried alive-feeling.

Funny Pictures - Cyoot Kitteh of teh Day

So keep in your mind - yoga helps in every situation ;-)

(p.s. none of my cats - lol)