Sonntag, 29. September 2013

Balthasar - The Builder

A pile of fresh soil....... one missing bunny.........

......nope, not really missing.......

Balthasar is really busy digging a hole

and thats what a white bunny looks like after he "gets off work" - lol

Winter Decoration

These trees have been an ufo for almost two years and again a winter-season has passed by and the trees were still an ufo.............tadaaa not so for winter season 2013

I love how it turned out with the decoration snow on it

Is It Already Fall???

Well, by now it is already Fall
What a great sunset - I took this picture end of May....... 

and a few weeks later when I woke up and looked out of the same window - foggy like in October...... did I miss August and September???

Light Globes

I´ve already made a few of them and gave them away and its great to hear that they all love those light globes.

those I made for my Moms friend Paula

those for our friend Elke - Hi Elke :)


and these are mine

its nice to have  just a little light on when its getting dark outside

Samstag, 28. September 2013

Thank You Gift For Emma

This little fellow I made for my quilting friend Emma - she gave me a big bag of batting scraps to use as stuffing but some of the scraps still will be used as batting for lil projects.

Sadly Emma and her husband moved back to the US .........I really need to get to the point on my To-Do-List where it says "catching up with emails"........... well I must admit, that I have been a lousy friend over the last few month.

Looks Like I Have To Do Some Serious Catching Up

Hello Blogging world - have you missed me ??? Hehehehe - I´ve missed you All alot.  It has been a loooong time since I put a post online. It all began with no access to the www. for more then three weeks around easter...........and summer + all the outdoor work were also around the corner. I havent done alot of sewing just a bit every now and then..........

So lets see what were I have to start ..... oh right the easter tablerunner