Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2010

Some Sun

We havent had any sun out since weeks - so far it was a pretty cloudy grey in grey winter....... but today the clouds start breaking up and look what we´ve got........

some sun - yeahhhh

Too bad that I was at work - but I used my lunch break to be outside for a little while  and around noon the clouds were back....... weather forcast promised us alot more snow.

Montag, 25. Januar 2010

Ice Hockey Weekend

It has been quite a while since I´ve been at a Ice Hockey game. I was all excited about going to see the Ice Tigers again and this time I took my uncle Eckart and my cousin Petra *winkewink* with me. I think we got two new fans of the IceTigers *lol*. Sadly we lost after a fightful and fast game and penalty shooting........

my uncle - the first time at a IceTiger game

IceTigers mascot Pucki and I

our boys

one Augsburg Panther down - 5 more to go - *lol*

Freitag, 22. Januar 2010

Winter Time Mini Quilt Swap

I just send in my registration for the new swap of Quilting Gallery - klick below and join the swap too - it will be so much fun!!!

Winter Time Mini Quilt Swap

Metal Tins

I love old and/or nostaligic looking tins and its always hard to resist especially when I´m strolling around at a fleamarket or companies are offering nostalgic tins for a special anniversary or Wrigley´s

I have two different editions of those

and they have the perfect size

for some crafty work "To Go"

Mittwoch, 20. Januar 2010

Worm Hole After Worm Hole

Holes, holes, holes and some more holes........ I guess I´m getting already nightmares from those worm holes. It wouldve been absolutly easier to exchange the buttom boards but then the chest would´ve lost some of its character....... oh well now I try to stabalize those boards with epoxy resin and I tell you the boards are taking a lot of it.............the wood worms did a good job on them........the created a perfect labyrinth a lot of paths and barely any wood left *lol*

The chest will be a real beauty when its finished (whenever this will be!)

Busy With The Toddler Quilt

Here is the toddler quilt I´m working on right now. Every couple of days I manage it to sneak up into my sewing room to spend my evening there

ready to machine applique the fishies

the cut out circles

hand appliqued the circles on the blue square

fishies are done just the eyes are missing, 1 square done 17 more to do

I think I start to like this little fishy quilt

Dienstag, 12. Januar 2010

A New Toddler Quilt

Couple weeks ago I got very carefully asked if I would have time to make another toddler quilt - well actually I dont really have time since I would like to get finished or started with my stuff before I get retired *lol*. BUT  I will make some money out of this toddler quilt, which means I could get some extra goodies or put it in my piggy bank for my next trip to see my friend Nicole + family ....... I guess I will have time to make an toddler quilt.

The pic turned out a bit blue but its a lot of blue fabric

Montag, 11. Januar 2010

Finally A Quilting Cat

Bizkit was never ever interested in spending some time in the sewing room. It was always little Tigger who was with me there.... Tigger was all over the sewing room but not Bizkit. Since a couple of months Bizkits behavior is changing - starts eating stuff he wouldnt even sniff on it before, wants more cuddling (normally he was like "Dont touch me") etc. ......... and start coming into my sewing room and acutally spending time with me there. He already got promoted and got his own chair. This weekend I was doing some quilting on my birthday-block-quilt when he got off his chair climbed on the table to lay on my quilt. I only had a couple more stitches to do.......oh well I found something else to do :-)

Entertaining Bizkit

What are you doing if your cat is getting bored? Bizkit is barley going outside at the moment....... too much snow and too cold for his furry butt. If I make him go outside, it only takes him half a minute to run around the house to go back inside through his kitty door. He is meowing and bugging me me to get up and play with him - but most of the time its me playing with his toys and him watching me how I play with his toys!!!

Quilting Stencils

I was browsing through some german internet shops and found a good deal for quilting stencils.... they where 50 % off - WOW this barely happen over here. So I couldnt resist and ordered some of the "on sale" stencils. Well the two stipples where regular price :-( - but I wanted them for my birthday-block-quilt. 

and of course Bizkits ear, nose, head etc. had to be in the pic also

the quality check seemed to be satisfying so the supervisor could take a break

Donnerstag, 7. Januar 2010

My Christmas Present From Nicole

My friend Nicole got me a Thread Rack from June Tailor as an Christmas present - *THANK YOU* - and I love it. Finally a place to store my threads with the bobbins without tieing them together. Threads with bobbins on the rack - threads in a little wooden box.

I Have Finished My Ironing Marathon

I was ironing fabric the last couple of days - all together 5  1-litre-water tanks fillings. I must say that I got very close to getting blisters from ironing.

54 yards-cut, 15 2yards-cut and 29 FQ - where the heck did they all come from???

I love SALES in the states!!!! Where else can I get Debbie Mum fabrics for $ 4/yard and less and thanks Nicole *HUGS* for cruising around with me

The next couple of days I will try to fit the fabrics into my locker

Here Is My "New" Tattoo

The week before Christmas I got my old tattoo renewed and I must say I´m in love with it - my rose is blooming again.. Since Harry made my tattoo about 17 years younger - I asked him if he can do this with the rest of my body too *lol*



I got the other one "fixed" too - but the pic came out to bright.

Montag, 4. Januar 2010

The Ironing Marathon Has Started

I came home in November from my vacation and of course I have brought home some fabrics also (even if I said that I dont need any). But oh well buy it, when you have the chance to get some good deals.

This is my stash of fabric, which needs to be ironed

Happy Ironing