Montag, 30. Mai 2011

Belated Present And Some Magnets

Look what I´ve got from my friend Marianne

Truffles and Baileys - hihihihi yummy... AND  this great pack of Moda fabrics.....

THANK YOU Marianne - we will have some of the Bailys when I´m back from vacation ;-)


I couldnt resist to buy those magnets for my fridge

dress up for my fridge - lol!

Sewing: I have recently finished project "Texas" and since I´m going on vacation some time soon, I wont start anything new. So what to do.... what about start working on a UFO??? Thats what I´m doing - I picked the scrappy flannel quilt for my cat, I´ve finished quilting it and by now I´m busy with sewing in threads.

Quilted Basket Swap - Arrival

I´m sure I have mentioned before that I love to have squishy envelopes in my mailbox. So sometime last week from Jacqueline of the UK

Its so exciting.......I feel like a little kid..... runung upstairs and rip open the envelope....

and WOW  - look at this wonderful bag...... I´m in love...

and here is the bag and some extra goodies

Jacqueline - THANK YOU so much for the beautiful bag and the extra goodies - this was really generous of you.

Samstag, 21. Mai 2011

FNSI....... Project "Texas" Is finished

Thats the result of my FNSI........I´m done sewing on the rest of the binding - almost 4 yrd....

Now I can get the quilt ready to mail off.........

Freitag, 20. Mai 2011

FNSI May Is Here

Ok - so here I am.... done with the daily work and ready to start a great and comfy evening.......

watching these movies and.......

.....sewing on the binding (red line) of project "Texas" - it´s still almost 4 yrds to sew on by hand

This will be my plans for the FNSI in May - so ya´ll have a great evening out there

Happy Stitchin

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2011

New Species Of Birds???

or maybe a parrot or a extinct species..... who knows.... I might get famos with that discovery.......

....... nope its Moritz - checking out a new place

.... he likes or better loves the smell....

.... the view

.... and getting cleaned up after snack-time......... just kidding - for all you bird lovers out there - there are NO birds in this nesting box this year - if it would´ve been - I wouldnt let Moritz sit up there

Forgotten Pictures - Sewing In Threads

I totally have forgotten about this pictures I took over a week ago. No really exciting pictures but maybe worth a little update post about project "Texas".

these are the leftovers from sewing in the threads - for me in person - I dont like those automatic sewn up and cutted threadends... and sewin in threads its like a test snuggling under the quilt

the basting thread still has to go.......

..... but all this were over a week ago...... basting thread is gone, binding got sewed on infront via machine and the back will be sewn down by hand...... and hopefully will be finished sometime soon.

Sonntag, 15. Mai 2011

FNSI May 2011

Here we go again the next FNSI is just around the corner. So click on the botton below and sign up

Handmade by Heidi

I´m not doing alot of sewing right now - working alot outside in the garden since we have daylight until 9.30 pm. I thought I would finish sewing on the binding on project "Texas" - but I was wrong I havent touched a needle the whole weekend :-(

Montag, 9. Mai 2011

Sometimes I Get Spoiled

so last week

two out of a bunch

a little orchid bloom - love them

And yes I´m still sewing - right now I´m bussy with sewing-in threads on project "Texas", this will be followed by sewing on the binding. All together quilting has slown down quite a bit because of the beautiful weather and the tons of work outside - I wonder where it always come from?!?. And its hard for me to be in the house, when its still daylight outside until 9.15 pm - just loving it!


There is the Icehockey-WM going on right now in Slovakia and WOW our german Team can acutally keep up with the Top-Teams there. I´m so PROUD of your boys! We have beaten Russia (first time since 1954 and 37 WM-games), Slovakia and Slovenia (3 wins in the preliminaries round since 1930!!!). We kept a tie after 60 minutes and extra time against Denmark and Finland but sadly lost in Penalty. The coach and the team did and still doing a great job!!! Tonight is the next game - the next really strong and successful team - Czechoslovakia - this will be another hard game for our team - *trust - faith - hope* Go Germany Go - its possible to beat the Czechs.

too nerve-racking was this game - Rocco couldn´t stay seated anymore - lol!

Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011

Quilted Basket Is Finished

A bit of sewing is done this weekend also. I have finished the quilted basket for my swappartner

I will add some goodies and pack it to mail it off to her - I hope she will like it!

Rambling May,1st

May, 1st is a holyday here in Germany and normally lots of people start packing their backpacks with snacks and goodies and start off to a rambling. So did we (3 girls + a dog) this year....... left at 10.30 this morning with my small Panasonic Lumix in my backpack and a partly cloudy sky

Andrea and Nicole

I love what the country looks like in spring

a beautiful pond .....

.... wildlife..... ups no, thats me :-D .... and NO its not what it may look like!

this little follower is Sissy - Andreas dog

After 11.5 miles, a lunchbreak and a stop at our local soccer club to watch the game we were finally back home at 5.00 pm. Tired, happy and my feet hurts!