Freitag, 31. Dezember 2010

Happy New Year

To all my friends
far and near
I wish you all
a happy new year.

Sonntag, 26. Dezember 2010

Baby Wyatts Top is done

Lots of snow during the holidays ..... besides shoveling snow, I had some time for sewing too. I sneaked into my sewing room and kept on working on Baby Wyatts top and finished it.

and here it is..... all nautic in babyblue, white and red

After ironing I will pin the sandwich and start quilting

Adventskalender - The Last Two Days

Finally I took some pics of the last two goodies out of my Adventskalender. Thanks again Nicole - that was just a great idea from you

what a cool tin - look - I defently love this one too....

and the last one ...... this one is sooo cute!!!

I´m blessed with such a great friend.....

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Merry And Thoughtful Christmas..... all my friends far and near

You all have a blessed weekend!

Donnerstag, 23. Dezember 2010

Progress Of Baby Wyatts Quilt

After being busy the last two evenings, I was looking so forward to disappear into my sewing-room for a little bit. I continued working on baby Wyatts quilt

the middle part is done......

... and I trimmed off the "dog-ears" here

Adventskalender - The Last Couple Of Days

Ok...... I only have two more presents left the 23. and 24. December then its Christmas...... time flies by so fast - I always wonder where did the time go?!?

Here a pics of the goodies out of the Adventskalender from the last two days

another cool tin from "Cracker Barrell"

and from yesterday.... a scissors sharpener.....I will have a good use for this ;-)

Thanks alot Nicole - I think I could get used to being spoiled like that  ;-) *HUGS*

Dienstag, 21. Dezember 2010

Adventskalender - Update - Only Three More Days

Here is the next update of some pretty goodies out of my Adventskalender!

a tin  in form of a tooth.... nope no candy inside.......

....... lots of colorful bottons

how cool is this one!?!?! A tin in form of a cowboy-hat - I love this one

nope no candies either ...... a beautiful ribbon

Thanks Nicole - you put so much work and thoughts in this calender - you are amazing!!!

I Won, I Won..... I´m The Lucky Winner

..... of the 2nd FNSI in December. I was so excited when I found a post on my blog that I´ve won. I checked out Heidis blog and terrible news to read - her husband has collapsed at a Christmas-Party......... as much as I was excited about winning as much I was shocked to read about those news.

Heidi - my thoughts and prayers are with you - I hope your husband will be ok and the reason for the collapse will be found.

Samstag, 18. Dezember 2010

Second FNSI - Have A Look

Ok - I was looking forward all week to spent a decent time in my sewing room. Weather forecast said cold and lot of snow. Well almost no snow during the night.... yay. I have started my FNSI a bit later then I have planned because a friend came over to pick something up. Finally at 21.30 h I managed it, to sneak upstairs into my sewing room.

I made the center block of the baby-quilt

...and cut those triangles ..... 72

Freitag, 17. Dezember 2010

Second FNSI in December

Here we go...... I had a blast riding with the horses in the snow. All the furry friends are taken care off - now its time for a hot bath before I get ready to get into my sewing room. I worked a lil bit more on my new baby-quilt and hopefully I will make a good progress on it tonight.

So yall have a great evening -  since its cold and snowy outside, I will have some Lumumba.... what Lumumba is..... well its hot chocolate with a shot amaretto.

Dienstag, 14. Dezember 2010

First Stitches Are Made

at my new project. My dear friend Ashley is expecting her first child and is due at the beginning of February. She really, really wants a quilt for her little baby boy..... and here we go. Its a pleasure for me to make Baby Wyatt a quilt - I asked for colors or theme they would like to have......  babyblue, red, white and nautical theme...... lets see what I can do with it.......

I´ve sewn together the 140 triangles I have cut out at the FNSI

It´s a slow beginning - because my X-mas-presents I had to make and ship had priority. Done! My focus is now on Baby Wyatts quilt!

Adventskalender Update

I just have relized that I havent updated my Adventskalender goodies anymore........its about time to catch up with the goodies from my precious best friend Nicole

Another cute tin - no, not peppermints this time..... 

Nicole is tricky ;-) - she replaced the peppermints with very cute gingerbread man buttons

here is a nostalgic looking tin with wintergreen gum (I really love those tins from Cracker Barrel)

and yesterday..... great butterfly pins (cant never have enough of this kind of pins)

I took some out - to take a closer picture - but sorry that it looks like I just have thrown them there... well I did.....I had to be real fast....

because of this little rat

Moritz decided to become a lover of butterfly pins too - lol!

Thanks Nicole *HUGS* - I feel like I´m getting spoiled like a little kid.

Samstag, 11. Dezember 2010

Whats Done At the SI

I must say I didnt even made one stitch at the FNSI..

I have ironed my fabrics...... 12 yrds of them

while ironing, one fabric it got real heavy.......and thats why..... Moritz was laying on it underneath the ironing board

I picked out some fabrics for my new project

kept Moritz off doing some more crazy "organizing" in my sewing room

and cutting 140 triangles out of the fabrics I picked for my new project

Since I wasn´t feeling very well - I went to bed a bit earlier than usual and thats why I haven´t started sewing anymore.

Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

First FNSI in December

I´m getting ready for my FNSI............will see how far I will come with my sewing - because the FNSI will start with ironing some fabrics.

I have to iron some more, but those are the fabrics I need for my new project.

Looks like Moritz is an fabric lover too - lol

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

FSNI December

I´m in!!! I havent participated a Friday Night sew-in for quite a while........gardening season is over - its quite wintery outside...... does the word wintery exist?!?! So just perfect for FNSI....... there are two Fridays in December the 10th and the 17th - I will be home on both.

Dienstag, 7. Dezember 2010

Adventskalender - Day 6

The December, 6th is Nikolaus-Day in Germany I didnt put my boots out so Nikolaus can fill them up with lots of goodies....... but I have an Adventkalender with a little present to open at the 6th.........

look at this little metal tin..... isnt it cute and kinda nostalic looking

It looks like Nicole found it at Cracker Barrel - lol - one of my favorite stores/restaurant - old fashioned style and I just love it.

Thanks Nicole *HUGS* - I`m already wondering since when are you collecting those tins for the Adventskalender?!?

Some Blocks For Special Children

During the summer and until I was finished with the Icehockey-Quilt - I really didnt had time to do some sewing for charity. Gaby, out of the QF, is doing so much sewing for special children and for the families which have lost their beloved child. I dont know Gaby in person but she gets all my respect for the work she is doing!

this is my way to support Gaby´s work - I hope she can us the blocks for one of her quilts.

Adventskalender Day 5

Adventskalender - Day 5....... look what I got 

lol - nooo I´m not smoking nor I´m into chewing tabacco.... I would say my best friend Nicole knows me too well...... I love good, cute or nostalgic looking tins
and this one looks defently good - I like the way its made

here is the proof.... no tabacco inside.... quilting needles instead - lol

Lots of HUGS to Nicole - love and miss you guys!