Mittwoch, 8. April 2009

Some time for blogging again

Since saturday I´m busy with working outside. There is alot of stuff to do at the yard + I decided to fix the garage-roof/balcony. Water is running inside the garage and this needed to be fixed. The tiles were loose and the balustrade totally rusty. The balustrade got cut off and the tiles were removed. Tuesday we placed the form boards around the balcony so the loose and broken off concrete can be replaced. Tarboard on - oh I tell you - dont get to close to the gas burner when you wear safty-shoes with metal caps - hot hot hot............ Yesterday we finished the floor fill - so far so good - the underside needs to be plastered (? is it called like this) and when ever I have time I will go and look for some new balustrade and tiles for the balcony.

the tiles and and old corncrete weighed almost a tun

The view from my home-office window - balcony with floor fill

Many thanks to my uncle Eckart and cousin Bruno - they were helping me alot

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