Freitag, 18. Juni 2010

Help....... I See White Bunnies :-)

A couple weeks ago, the girls from our stable "rescued" three bunnies out of our stable-owners nephews hand. We had an eye on them since a couple of weeks - they were squeezed in, in an way to small cage......which didnt got clean out very often. Well they didnt take it to serious with feeding either...... I relized it because I always had to pass the cage when I went to feed our shy barn cats. All of a sudden it looked like the bunnies wouldnt get any food + water at all..... so I gave them a bit in the evenings when I was on the way to feed the shy barn cats....... after a week I talked to the other girls in the stable and we have decided to rescue them. Instead of a 30" x 18 " they have a  9 sqm stall..... and they are happy about hopping around, stretching out, laying down and having enough food and water.....

My I introduce you to Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar - arent they cute???
Well - we dont know who is who - lol - but we are thinking about to mark them


they are already acting like stars....... "NO PICTURES PLEASE" - lol 

The next step is - we are going to build a little corral, so we can put them outside outside every day!

Oh btw - the nephew of our stable-owner relized the missing bunnies after - I guess it was 3 days!

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Jossie hat gesagt…

How dreadful people neglecting those sweet animals. I always wonder why they have pets if they don't look after them.
Glad you and your friends took care of them. They look well and happy now.

Anonym hat gesagt…

So lovely this was. Thanks for giving such a entertainment.