Dienstag, 8. Februar 2011

One Happy Camper

I found this tend a couple years ago on sale - it was only 2 €. Back than Tigger was still alive but he wasnt really interested in this tend. Not so Moritz - btw he has a nest of wasps in his butt - he loves playing in there and since we have Rocco the tend got already destroyed by them. I have to check if I can fix it ;-)

Moritz is always busy - playing, running, biting, scratching, climbing, chewing... aso. When you think he is asleep - nope wrong, as soon as he hears the tiniest noise - he is up again!

and please.... someone might tell him that he is not a dog and needs to stop chewing on things.
(already ruined one of my crocks, the opener of the cat carrier, my big candle and some other things)

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