Montag, 7. November 2011

Fun Sewing Night

We havent had a fun sewing night since quite a while but last friday was they day where we had our little get together for some sewing, chatting and laughing.

Angela is getting setup

Marianne was showing a quillow she made in stock

in between we were sipping some red wine

ok here is the proof that we were actually working with fabrics too and not only with red wine :D

I havent hung up my lampion yet because I needed to fix the whole wire ring and not only pointwise like I did

lighten up!

I posted the pic of the lampion at the QF and one of my quiltfriends has mentioned that the wooden beads are missing ;-) .... so here they are.

After a while of sewing we made a break to make some Lumumba (hot chocolate milk with some amaretto)

We were sewing until 2 am, well thats at least the time when I packed my stuff to go home ;-)

And here are some fabrics Angela gave to me THANKS alot
Vielen vielen Dank Angela für die vielen schönen Stoffe

I missed one person in our little group my friend and Mariannes daughter Nicole ......but she lives with her family in TX........ it would´ve been the total highlight to have her around us.

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Wine? Amaretto? Chocolate? You girls know how to have a good time!