Donnerstag, 4. Oktober 2012

Barbarossa Spectaculum 2012

The Barbarossa Spectaculum was already back in August. It was a beautiful day at a beautiful fortress with midage fairs, shows, food aso. I took way to many pics and since I dont wanna bore with a post of never ending pics I put some collages together

Fortress Marienberg at Würzburg.... this place is huge

some pics of the knights

weired people, beautiful horses, cute donkey and playing mouse roulette with Stuart Little

my friends in their midage dresses

It was a fun day with my friends - I even tasted "Waldmeister"-Bier (woodruff??) - it was very very yummieh but you shouldnt drink it when you are real thirsty and not even thinking about having a second one - lol!

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Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear, after a long time I'm again back, thanks for the nice walking through your posts. Sincerely. Loredana.