Donnerstag, 10. September 2009

Some Hand Sewing

That´s what I´m working on the last couple of days (besides working on my kitchen) - the binding of my Dads bird-quilt. The binding is sewed on via machine on the front and on the backing by hand - well its alot more work by hand but I like it much more this way. 3 yrds are done and 5 more to go

I also made a horrible discovery while sewing on the binding - I saw that I have snipped in the backing fabric on accident when I was sewing in the threads from quilting. Ahhhhhh how am I going to fix that?!?!

2 Kommentare:

Nicole hat gesagt…

Das Binding mit der Hand annaehen mache sehr gern gemuetlich auf der Couch.

Carla hat gesagt…

That is how I do my binding too. How about using a little fabric glue on the cut then covering it with a cute patch? Maybe one that says I love you dad or made for dad by his loving daughter.