Montag, 12. Oktober 2009

Some More Painting In The Kitchen

This weekend I did some decoration painting in the kitchen. At the beginning I wanted to paint the whole kitchen in a coffee-cappucchino-color, but when it came to it I tended to a light wall and like always I ended up with white. White and naked which I didnt like either and this is what it looks right now.



most part is done

Well - my Mom said when she saw the sketch on a piece of paper - "I dont know if I wanna look at this all the time". She only has one choice - dont visit me at my appartement then.

Bizkits dining area *lol*

Last night I moved the fridge and cabinet back in the hallway so I can rip out the old kitchen floos. The new one will be delivered on Tuesday. I know I can cut in the new floor - but I´m kinda scared too - it´s the first time I do it without the help of my Dad and dealing with 16 sqm - oh boy!!!! I´m not sure if the room is in square (hope its said right).......

The decoration painting of the other side will be done after the corner seat is back in the kitchen.

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