Freitag, 2. Oktober 2009

Baby Quilts Are Done

Couple weeks ago Frau Heller asked me if I have time to make a quilt for her newborn granddaughter Sophie for Christmas. Well I said yes and she even has picked the fabrics

The next granddaughter Amelie was born 4 weeks later and Frau Heller actually didnt wont me to ask for a 2nd quilt, because I´m on vacation in November and wouldnt have the time. She new that I had one flannel baby quilt finished on stash an one waiting to be quilted, so she asked me if she could have those two instead. Well yeah why not - and I finished the pink one last night and here are those baby quilts for Sophie and Amelie

(I was going to donate this quilt for charity because I didnt like it a 100 % - but Frau Heller fell in love with this one)

Welcome to the world little Sophie and Amelie

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Carla hat gesagt…

I think it is pretty. My maiden name is Heller. Isn't that funny?