Montag, 28. Dezember 2009

A Bit Late

I hope you all had a great Christmas and were able to spent some time with your loved ones!
In Germany we celebrate Christmas on December 24th. My Mom and I spent Christmas-eve at my sisters house - went to church and had dinner with my sister and her family. Me, for my part had croquettes (no those arent any bugs *lol*) and veggies - the rest of them had cow tongue - they think its delicious.......... sorry but I cant eat this......... it grosses me out. I´m already happy that my sister wont put the whole tongue on the table - she puts slices of it on a plate.

I havent sewn alot either - just some Wichtels for my sister and I have finally finished my mini-quilt for the swap. Can you believe it - I forgot to take pics of those Wichtels at home?!?! Sorry for the blurry pic I took it with my cell phone after my sister has unwrap them

I made a doily for her in those blue wintercolors last christmas

Saturday I brought one of our shy barn cats to the vet clinic - I havent seen him for a while and the only place I´m allowed to touch them is at their feeding corner and I was shocked just bones and a bit fur around it. After I cought him (I felt so sorry for him because it was more a hunting) I took him home - well he ate a little bit and I gave him some water with an injection into his mouth............the vet diagnosed an 4" long inoperable tumor at the stomach exit/intestine. So they put him down right away - I felt so sorry for this little guy but on the other side I was able to safe him at least some hours of suffering.

And my car broke down on the weekend and I had to call ADAC (AAA) - the "gelbe Engel" (yellow angel) came after an hour to check my car but there was nothing the guy could do an he called the towing service - its a good thing to be a member of ADAC because I dont have to pay anything for this service - well only replacement parts if needed.  The first thought it might be something wrong with the fuel pump but its the atomizer valve - thats what they said in the garage today. They cleaned them instead of replace them and if I still have the problem I need to come back. Well yeah..... if I need the towing service again because my car brakes down in the middle of nowhere a fury Karin will strike them......

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Sandra W. hat gesagt…

Sehr suess die Wichtel! Ich hab jetzt auch langsam wieder mit dem Naehen angefangen. Arbeite an einem Stoffreste-Verwert-Quilt. lol. Und ein paar Taschen werden wohl auch noch daraus gemacht.

Tut mir leid wegen der Katze, aber wie du schon sagtest, wenigstens konntest du ihr noch mehr Schmerzen ersparen.


JessicaSews hat gesagt…

Dear Karin,

Merry Christmas!

So sorry to hear about the cat and car. I hope your car gets fixed right away!

I love the Wichtels, they are so cute. I can't remember if I have a pattern for those...maybe from Sulky?

Have a wonderful New Years!

Karin hat gesagt…

Hallo Sandra,

danke - seh ich auch so mit dem Katerle.

Super wenn du auch wieder Zeit findest ein bisschen Nadel und Faden zu schwingen - freu mich jetzt schon auf die Ergebnisse ;-)

Hi Jessica,

thanks - was the best for the cat and my car is already fixed and working (hopefully *lol*).
I got the pattern out of an tutorial so I cant tell if its originally from sulky or not.

Happy New Year

Nicole hat gesagt…

Solltest du das Auto kaputt werden nicht mir ueberlassen?

JessicaSews hat gesagt…

Dear Karin,

So glad the car is working!

I look forward to making one of these
Wichtels for next Christmas! Cute!

免費a片下載 hat gesagt…