Dienstag, 1. Dezember 2009

Mini Fall Quilt Swap

I´m only home for a few days and a second squishy envelope was in the mailbox. This defently means that the content is something for my soul. I have already received my mini quilt from Sylvia from the Netherlands organized by Quilting Gallery.

This mini is so cute - great colors and I can feel lots of love in it. I also got a mini pair of those typical dutch clogs. Thanks alot Sylvia for this great mini quilt and the mini clogs *hugs*

Ik was een zeer gelukkige persoon om dit prachtige miniquiltje te ontvangen (I´m better in reading/understanding than writing because I have no clue about dutch grammar)

Sylvia wrote me that she is going to live a dreams of her..... an own Internetshop.... she will be starting in January 2010.

When I cought up with my job - I will have some more time to browse a bit more through her blog and enjoy all the pretty things she made or working on.


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