Montag, 1. März 2010

Pictureless Weekend

I havent took any pics this weekend..... Friday night I started working on my the flannel scrap quilt for my cat again. I use all the scraps I have left from the baby quilts I made.  Well it wont be a beauty but Bizkit loves flannel.

Saturday and Sunday it was too beautiful outside - sunny, warm, snow almost gone....... what else could I do besides working in the garden. I cut back 2,5 trees (well the 0,5 because I needed the big ladder for the rest but it was to windy to go up high on a tree yesterday)..... so 2,5 more trees to go. I started working in the greenhouse and I planted chilly-, tomato- and bell pepper seeds.

Last night I felt quite exhausted and didnt feel like to do anything more crafty.... but after 1 h or so on the couch I start getting bored and I got the fishy-quilt for some hand quilting...

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