Samstag, 20. März 2010

Spring Has Arrived

The last few days were already nice, warm, sunny...... just beautiful......... couldnt wait for the weekend! I woke up saturday morning and I cought the last sunbeams and wooop the sky was cloudy. Oh noooo, it looked like its going to rain soon but I was lucky and there was no rain all day long and temperatures in the mid 60s yeahhhhhh. I was outside starting with yard work...... cutting back trees from 12.30 pm - 18.30 pm. I´m done - I cant even tell which bone in my body doesnt hurt right now!!!

everything starts blooming again and the start is here

2 Kommentare:

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear, thanks for advice, hope that my wish of traveling I will realised in the future, first I have to be retired, and it will be till the end of this year, at least from 1.01.2011. Nice to see you enyoing with friends, making a new quilt, and the first spring flowers in the garden, don't worry, I make it the same thing last saturday afternonn (I'm a librarian and it was my working Saturday) and the whole Sunday, Hubby digging and me making the ground thiny, but still not too much tired ans some knitting in the evening, even in pijamas.... have a nice week, since a new comment. with love. Loredana

Karin hat gesagt…

Thanks Loredana! I´m sure you will have a great time after you are getting retired by end of this year. It´s always good to have plans and ideas what to do with the lot of extra time you will have. I will do some more gardening this weekend - hopefully the weather stays like this.