Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Candle Mat Ready To Ship

A little bit slower than I thought but finally done.... the candle mat. My Swappartner likes country colors/fabrics and here is what I would call a countrylike candle mat

I will pack the mat into the lil friendship bag, pack it in a box with a candle (melting safe wrapped) and some Lebkuchen and mail it off on Wednesday. It will go to..shhhhhhh not gonna tell yet

Now, I defently need to focus on my secret project - I would say I´m behind my schedule :(

5 Kommentare:

Sandra W. hat gesagt…

Ich warte immernoch auf den Stoff den ich fuer meine candle mat bestellt hab. Muesste jetzt aber endlich da sein.
Hast du echt gut hinbekommen! Dein swap partner wird sich super freun.

Karin hat gesagt…

Danke Sandra, ich hoff mal, dass ich mit meiner Countrywahl ihren Geschmack getroffen hab!
Drück dir die Daumen, dass der Stoff bald ankommt - GsD sind diese candle mat leicht und schnell zu nähen. Will mir auch noch eine machen.

martine hat gesagt…

Hello Karin,
I am your swap partner and just received your parcel. What a nice presentation ! thank you so much for the candle mat which I adore. It was very kind of you to join the candle, the little bag and the cookies. This is the first time I participate in this kind of exchange and I am very lucky being your partner.
You can visit my blog to learn a little bit about me.
Many, many thanks again


Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Hello dear nice work, and the partner will be surrelly happy to received this. How is goint the little speedie cat? With love. Loredana.

Anonym hat gesagt…

Martine - I´m very glad that you like the candle mat I mad for you. Its my fourth swap I participated with quiltinggallery and always had alot of fun and everything was very well organized by Michelle.