Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

Working On My Secret Project

When ever I have time I work on my secret project - I have a bit of a time pressure because it should be done by a certain date - well will see if it will be finished by then. If you would like to see or know more about it - let me know it will be a pleasure to let you know - I just cant post it here besides little peeks ;-)

Blocks are done - there are still 5 rows left with blocks I need to sew together. I had a bit of trouble with the PP-blocks - I copied them by hand from the original - but the original wasnt the size like it supposed to be. Well yeah I have read the note of measuring the block when you copy it by machine or scan it.... but hey I was doing it by hand from the original. I have relized the different size when I was already done with them and layed it out with the others. Oh boy!!!!!! I dont have enough fabric to make the PP-blocks again and the time either. Sooo I had to do some magic cutting on the other finished blocks. Not that easy if you have blocks they need to fit seam by seam together.

Hopefully I will have sewn all the rows together by this weekend so I can start to appliqué the motive

2 Kommentare:

conny's quilts en creaties hat gesagt…

What a bright colors in this secret project, I love it, I am curious what this is going to be, I step by again at you blog! Have fun working on it!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I'm liking the looks of your little peeks. Hope it all work out!