Montag, 12. Dezember 2011

X-Mas Tree Is Up

It has been already last week when I put up the Chrismas tree.........I always love to use my grandmas crochet white ornaments.

Its been 18 years ago in September..... my Nana was at the hospital when I asked her for the pattern to those ornaments. A couple of weeks later, when she was back home from the hospital Nana started crocheting ornaments like crazy. I asked her for whom she is making the ornament and she answered that she dont really remember - someone has asked her while she was in the hospital about the pattern but since she dont have a pattern for them she thought she would just make them. Close to tears I told her that it was me who asked for the pattern. That was the last gift I´ve got from my Nana....... she passed away in March the following year.

pic taken while daylight

I´m sure the un-decorating will be alot faster......

with the help of my furry elves......... but hopefully after X-mas :D

 lighten up in the evening

I dont have a tree skirt and I checked the net for a pattern I would like.... found one but I doubt that I will have it until this Christmas but defently will be done by next year!

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Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

Great post! Thank you for sharing the story of your Nana and her ornamants. I'm sure they bring back fond memories. I love how she is still a part of your Christmas celebration.