Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

Back To Sewing And "The Beast"

The cast was taken off last Thursday, the finger(s) was(were) still stiff and swollen but it got better from day to day. My doc was quite surprised how fast the infection went away and how fast the wound was healing (my secret..... things you use for your horse - cant be to bad for yourself - lol). Everything works so far, so I could give some sewing a try.

Ok and here is the reason of my sewing break - the monster, the wild beast who did this to my finger.........
.......... and always remember a tiger is a tiger no matter what size it is...........

Dont laugh - this wild huge beast bit me in my finger
dont trust this cute little face..... its her poker-face - lol.
She deserves the worst punishment........nooo not her life....... she has to move in with me :-D

When Moritz saw her the first time.... it was so funny.... he was close to an heart attack - wont forget this pic - lol. After two days playing the bad and upset cat..... all he can think about now is the little one and how to hunt her through the house.

The kitten got a real thick fur - so Moritz biting is not to bad for her.

Bizkit is on one side not really excited about another cat (well my Mom wasnt either - I thought she would kick me out of my house) but on the other side Bizkit absolutly enjoys being left alone from Moritz and is snoring peaceful in his basekt all day long!

The kitten was a wild kitten from work (I´m sure she is somehow related to Moritz - he is also from work) and was scared to death and afraid of losing her life when I caught her..... thats why she bit me. She is still shy - but when I get the chance to pet her.........she turns into a cuddling/purring monster ;-)

4 Kommentare:

Dirt Road Quilter hat gesagt…

What a darling face! I imagine he's been forgiven if he's now become a member of your family! I'm glad that your finger is healing well - we too resort to horse medicines around here! It'll be fun to watch Bizkit and Moritz forge their friendship!

Nicole hat gesagt…

Die is ja suess. Hat sie jetzt schon nen Namen?

Emma hat gesagt…

Too cute! She looks like a fierce tiger, that's for sure! Glad you're feeling better, and what's her name?

Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Thansk for visiting me, and glad that your finger is ok, but the Monster is so foxy, well dear they are coming from the same roots from the past. Have a nice evening and weekend. Loredana.