Dienstag, 15. März 2011

Short Of Fabric

I´ve started sewing the picture-quilt - it turned out great and I love the pattern I picked.........but I run out of fabric..... grrrr again. I havent ordered it or better said I couldnt find it in my bills I kept..... this means I bought it in a store during a vacation. Ok 1 yrd of fabric isnt enough lately so I will buy at least 1.5 yrd on my next shopping tour. After searching the net I found a store with Michael Miller Krystal fabric in grey...... yeah me thats what I was looking for and the good thing is - its a german store.... this means a real short delivery time. Normally it goes quite fast with delivery from the US but the last couple orders got stucked in customs forever.

Thats the middle part - I will add one more row at the top and bottom, I need this quilt a bit bigger than it is right now.

In the meantime until my ordered fabric arrives I will start a new project - more about it tomorrow.

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Villa-loredana hat gesagt…

Helo dear Karin, thanks for the comment, yes dear Tina and Robert is comming back at the end of August for two weeks and half. Your quilt with the foto is amasing. Have a nice afternoon. Loredana