Donnerstag, 10. März 2011

Pics On Fabric

I´ve tried some different things and wasnt really happy with the results or they way to get them. I´ve tried to print pictures on fabrics sheets - the sheets are affordable but they soak up quite some ink. So, when I have to print more and bigger pictures I use up some cartridges... or the testprint looks great and the print on the fabric sheet gets screwed up grrrrrrrrrr. Or I scanned a pic, it looked ok on the screen but the print was horrible. Ok ..... so next project next pic on fabric......I dont use the printer very often anymore.... so I wont buy the ink for a few pics and the rest of it will dry out. So I went to the copy-shop, but what I got from there isnt what I have expected.... it´s like an iron on and they could come off.

Here I´m again with a project with pictures........ if I use them for a quilt I want quality.......... so I started searching again and I found this german company and this is what I got

the print is real good quality, its washable, colorfast and uv-resistence - the fabric is a bit thicker than cotton but the cutted edges fray easily so I zig-zaged them. Each pic is approx 6.5 - 7" and I´m very happy them. 

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