Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Monkey See - Monkey Do............. and Siegfried & Roy

Monkey, monkey, monkey............. that was my theme for the last baby-quilt I made. I started it in April and it took me pretty long to finish it - I almost felt bad - but I´ve finished the quilt just in time for the boys first birthday.

my color selection



I love to pick my motifs out of coloring books/pages

top is done and put aside for almost three month.......

....... until I digged it out again and started to andwich the layers

I really had to force me to finish it up

in the meantime - the quilt is handed over and hopefully be loved.

While I was working on the pics and writing this post I was watching "The Story of Siegfried & Roy" (very interesting how it all begun) 10 years after Roy had the accident with/got attacked by (I leave this up to you) his white tiger Montecore. Also amazing still is Roys love to Montecore - well he keeps distance which is understandable -  he knows because of the handicap he suffers after a stroke right after the tiger-attack and to be unable to react, he would be easy meat. Somehow I understand Roys love......... just a few numbers smaller and no acute danger of life...... when I got my cat Rocco he bit me and almost put me also to the hospital (infected small kitty-cat bite aint fun either) and he still is my lil baby-cat.

Anyways Siegfried & Roys  shows must have been amazing and it kinda makes me sad that I´ve never seen one in Las Vegas.

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Hi Karin, wirklich Klasse geworden. Der Rand pept das richtig auf.

LG Marianne