Sonntag, 6. Oktober 2013

Trip To Buttinette -> Germanys "Joanns"

Buttinette is a online-shop where you can buy all kinds of crafty things (well you can also order via telefone, fax or mail) and they have one shop at their place of business.

thats the catalog I normally browse through..... over 500 pages

On a Saturday in September we finially set the date for our trip to Buttinette - we even had a chauffeur (Mariannes husband, Nicoles Dad). He offered to drive us, even after we warned him that it might take some time until we would be done shopping. Still willing to drive us, because he will go for a walk while we are shopping (poor guy - it start pouring down pretty much after we got in the store and didnt stop for the whole time we were in the store, so he was patiently waiting in the car).
After a fun ride through the smallest streets (I guess the Navigation was set for shortest way) we arrived at Germanys "Joanns"


they even have a seperate store for Fasching (carneval) and costumes (still closed since Fasching starts at 11.11. every year)

the store we want to go

the store aint very big and they would sell alot more if it would´ve been placed in the shop not just the warehouse. The stuff is very friendly and they run to the warehouse to get all the things you want (they run alot). It still took us 2 h for 700 sqm

on the way home we stopped for lunch - it was yummieh

here are my goodies I bought - thank you to Nicole for the giftcard (as you can see the money was wisely invested - lol)

It was a fun day and we decided to do it once a year - just for the fun.

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