Montag, 18. November 2013

My Biggest Project In 2013

Just a warning in front - lots of non quilting pictures
getting the roof and facade fixed was a long time plan

the backside has been the old color from the 70ies, the windows were replaced in ´95

ughhh ugly..... backside facade after it got washed down

north side - I havent even known that there were windows

new plaster

some window sills had to be replaced also

roof tiles are gone

and enjoying the open air sight from the roof of my house

the last wooden window should be also replaced sometimes.......

...... sometime soon - what about within 14 days

we were lucky and havent had any rain....... besides one sunday........

nope not just some rain..... nope not just 15 l., not 20 l, not 30 l - well we got 57 l within 24 h - lucky us nothing went inside the house

one of the two chimneys - they need to be fixed too

roof tiles-delivery

new roof and windows

the asbest platters also had to be removed from the gable

voilá - next summer I will have a great view out of my deck chairs

I think my Dad would´ve been proud of me  - LOVE and MISS you Papa!!!

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your home is lovely...